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By Laurrel Allison 05/07/2018

We’ve all seen the normie piercings. Pierced ears. Pierced noses. Pierced bellies. But what I have compiled here today seeks to go above and beyond that. Fun twists on tongue rings, dermals, and surface piercings galore are all below.

1. Venom piercing


Tongue piercings are wicked cool. So why not double it up? This look utilises straight barbells. Once healed, the long barbells can be swapped out for shorter ones. 

2. Nape piercing


Nape piercings are not done enough, in my unprofessional opinion. While the obvious pro is that it looks amazing, these types of piercings can be tricky to get used to. Especially if you have long hair and enjoy wearing scarves or necklaces, there should be a lot of consideration put into getting this piercing. It’s the kind of piercing that is bound to get stuck on lots of hastily-pulled-on shirts and jewelry. Another con is that there are risks of migration and rejection since it’s a surface piercing.

3. Microdermals


Microdermals are a very awesome development in the piercing community. Paired with the right sort of jewelry, it can achieve a very ethereal likeness

4. Madison


Madison piercings can be single, double, or more. They take a pretty long time to heal, so that’s something to think about if you’re interested in getting it done. I love this style because I don’t like jewelry but I love piercings. Piercings are like jewelry you never have to take off (which is my least favorite part about regular jewelry), even when you shower or go to sleep. 

5. Surface piercings


This type of surface piercing will take between 3 and 9 months to heal up completely. Some peoples bodies have an easier time with accepting foreign objects (i.e., piercings) underneath their skin, others may come up against migration or rejection. 

6. Snake eyes


A snake eyes piercing is done with a straight barbell. This style is similar to the venom piercing. However, this one is done with one piece of jewelry while the venom style uses two. 

6. Third eye


Regardless of how spiritual you are, this piercing looks awesome. With less than 3000 posts currently under #ThirdEyePiercing on Instagram, it’s definitely a new one. It can be achieved with either a straight barbell or a microdermal, depending on your personal preference and what the piercer suggests. 

6. Neck & chest piercings


Some people are blessed with biology that just doesn’t reject piercings, no matter where they are. If that’s what you’ve got, you’re luckier than many others if you decide to get surface piercings because you won’t have to deal with migration or rejection issues.

7. Alternative navel piercings


While of course there is the standard belly button piercing style, there are also many other types that look just as cool. 

8. Nasallang


The nasallang piercing, also known as a tri-nasal piercing, goes through three points in the nose. It passes through one nostril through the septum and out the other side of the nose, achieving a double nostril piercing look. It’s definitely a complicated piercing. It’s especially rare, as well, having only 473 results on Instagram at the moment. 

Featured images by Lucy V. 

Laurrel Allison

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