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Summer piercing trends
By Jess L 06/25/2024

At long last, Summer is finally here. Goodbye sweatpants and Netflix, hello bikinis and beach parties!

As you finally reemerge into society, you might feel the call of another piercing. After all, what better way to jump into your newly rediscovered social life than with a conversation starter of a piercing?

This Summer, we’ve got our eye on a few killer looks. Here are some piercing trends to look for in Summer 2024.

1. Floating Navel (Belly) Rings

During the late ’90s and early 2000s, navel jewelry was a popular trend. Now in 2024, it appears that celebs are bringing the beloved ’90s piercing back….and we’re here for it.
As far as jewelry goes, floating navel rings are the latest trend in belly jewelry, offering a unique and stylish look that sets them apart. These rings appear to “float” weightlessly on the top or bottom of your belly piercing, secured by a flat disk backing that holds them perfectly in place. This innovative design allows the charm to take center stage, creating an eye-catching and elegant look that refuses to be ignored.

floating navel ring

This style “floats” on the top or bottom of your belly piercing, secured by a flat disk backing
that holds it in place.

2. Stacked Lobes

According to Allure magazine, stacked lobes will be one of the hottest pierced looks this summer season. We’ve talked about how much we love the lobe piercing and the variety that it offers. Stacked lobe piercings allow you to take full advantage of that.

You can stick to the tried-and-true row of lobe piercings, perhaps even continuing the row into some cartilage piercings along the rim. Or, for something truly fun and unique, arrange your lobe piercings in a different way. A triangle can make a strong statement, or even a cluster of piercings reminiscent of a constellation or other shape will really draw some attention.

Bonus: the lobe piercing only takes around six weeks to heal, so if you get pierced now, you can still have some great times in the pool before the Summer ends.

3. Asymmetry

As stacked lobe and cartilage piercings become more and more popular, so does the notion of asymmetry.

No longer must your two ears be pierced the same. In fact, it’s more stylish if they aren’t the same. not only does this create a super cool look, but it’s practical as well. Cartilage takes at least 6 months to fully heal, and you can’t lie on your piercing during that time. Side sleepers find it easier if they pierce one side at a time. 

As you plan your ear piercing look this Summer, play around with asymmetry. You might find that it offers just the right amount of playfulness that you’re looking for.

4. Nostril Piercings

Nostril piercings continue to be popular, with an emphasis on tiny, delicate hoops and studs. While a standard nose stud is always a fun go-to, the double variation is an easy way to take your look to the next level. You can achieve the look with two piercings in the same nostril, or one in each nostril – typically placed symmetrically.
Consider wearing two tiny hoops or mini gems that sit side by side. Or mix and match if the mood strikes.

Should I get pierced in the Summer?

Summer is a great time to show off our piercings, but is it a good time to get one?

This year, cartilage piercings are all the rage. Unfortunately, cartilage piercings also take a significant amount of time to heal. During that time, you’ll need to keep your piercing away from water (including oceans, lakes, and rivers), and you’ll need to keep it as still and safe as possible.

If you’re planning on spending the Summer reading books by the pool and just chilling, then this won’t be an issue. However, if you’re an active person, a brand new cartilage piercing could put a huge wrench in your Summer plans. You might want to wait until your Summer vacation is over before you try out your new cartilage party.

We’re stoked to get out into the sunshine and show off some new piercings this Summer. Which Summer piercing trends are you most excited for?

Need Inspo?

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