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By FT Admin 11/16/2016

Terrifyingly sexy. Ominously sultry. Intensely exotic.  

The Venom Piercing.

Just hearing or seeing the word venom skeeves me out because of the notorious association with a snake bite. However, when venom is paired with the word piercing, I’m intrigued. I am allured. I am obsessed!

Two beady little eyes, emerging from the surface of your tongue – that’s where you can see the venom piercing in its natural habitat. Only emerging to strike during conversation, kissing, or a dental appointment, this piercing seems to be the most intoxicatingly hypnotic of all piercings. Well, at least in my humble opinion. Try to carry on a conversation with someone that is hiding this minxy little piercing without staring, tilting your head, and narrowing your eyes to get a better look – I dare you! It’s fascinating and fun!    

Let’s Talk Venom

Nope, I have zero intention of chronicling the very little knowledge I have of snakes. Just not happening. The venom piercing, though, I’ll chat about for hours. First off, let’s talk about the exact location of this dangerously fabulous piercing. Partying in the cave of your mouth, the venom piercing consists of two horizontal piercings, usually located towards the tip of your tongue. In some piercing cases, you can choose to pierce two holes in the side of the tip of your tongue, and have a barbell placed through the middle of your tongue, allowing the two balls to peek out on either side. Why the name? Well see for yourself:


The location of the two piercings resembles snake eyes. Other aliases for this elusive piercing are the double tongue piercing, the snake bite, and the frog eye piercing. Although those names conjure a great mental picture of this piercing and its location, they just don’t have the same alluring effect on me as does the venom piercing. If you’re into the whole body modification thing, and you’re down for splitting your tongue – this piercing would scare the hell out of me – but it would look wickedly awesome. Just saying.

How to Get Bitten

Ready to freak out your neighbors and friends? Ready to entrance everyone you know by showcasing a little glitter in your mouth cave? Ready to get yourself a venom piercing?  

YAHOO!!  Here’s what you need to know in my sweet 5-step piercing overview:

Don’t DIY

Yup, bad idea.  We’re talking double piercings on your tongue – the thing that allows you to utilize phonetic abilities so that people have a clue what you are saying, and helps you chew and swallow food.  It’s a damn important muscle, so don’t be ridiculous and bust it up by trying to add a little vixen to your look without a professional.

Find a Professional

Choose wisely.  If you walk into a piercing salon that has someone casually say, “Sure, I can do the venom piercing for you!  I’ve never done one before, so this will be fun!”,  run…RUN LIKE THE WIND to another piercing salon.  I’m not saying that newbie piercer wouldn’t do a stellar job jamming double holes through your tongue.  – well, I might be.  I am saying that you need someone experienced with this type of piercing that will ensure you are a good candidate to get ‘bitten’ by this piercing.  Not all tongues are created equally.  A professional can check your mouth muscle to be sure that a venom piercing will lead a happy life with your teeth and gums.  

Don’t Get Plastered

Yes, we’ve had this conversation before.  If you’re out boozing it up with some buddies and think, “Hey – let’s get something pierced!”,  – go home and sleep it off.  If you awake wide-eyed-and-bushy-tailed the next morning with the same idea, then make your merry way to a piercing salon and make your piercing dreams come true.  Don’t show up slurring your speech and asking for two holes to be placed in your tongue. Not happening. Gross. Go home. Sober up.

Plan Your Pain

I tend to measure things based on the very well-researched “Shot-Of-Tequila-Scale” – ; it’s tried and true. Based on multiple tongue piercings in the history of my life, the basic tongue piercing is about a ‘1’ on the tequila-solves-all pain scale, and that’s based on my relatively low pain tolerance levels. I’m a total wimp – I’ll be the first to admit that. However, from what I understand, getting two holes during the same visit located in the same real estate occupying your tongue – you’re probably looking at a 3+ on this ‘Shot-Of-Tequila-Scale’. You can do it – toughen up – it looks really cool! Reminder – NO DRINKY DRINKY before you get pierced.  #AmateurMove

Care for Those Beady Little Eyes – Venom Piercing Aftercare

  1. Don’t touch it with your gross hands. Wash with soap. Rinse. Repeat.
  2. Don’t make out with a bunch of randoms; you have open holes in your tongue, so adding a bunch of other people’s saliva and bacteria creates a cesspool of funk. A yeast, fungal, or bacterial  infection on your tongue will put the slap-down on your romantic future.
  3. Rinse with warm saline water and brush your teeth, nicely, at least twice a day. If you’re one of those get-the-job-done and brush like you’re sword fighting decay in your mouth – slow it down. Be gentle with your new buddies.
  4. Pipe it down with drinking or smoking, or ‘86 it’ altogether. This venomous new addition to your mouth needs time to heal (expect 4-8 weeks of down-time to ensure those holes heal). I know that I referenced the ‘shot-of-tequila-scale’, but it is advisable to avoid the consumption of anything that has a percent by volume on the bottle. As for cigs – the nicotine and tar create a type of gang war in your mouth, with the addition of a piercing. Tread carefully, my friends.

Best recommendations from the professionals:


Dr. Piercing’s Aftercare Swabs


H2Ocean Cleansing Aftercare Mouthwash

Enough reading. If you have happened upon this article in a Google search about venom piercings – it may be time for you to get bitten. When you do, make sure to pair that sweet piercing with something amazing from our massive Freshtrends tongue jewelry selection.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 8.22.45 AM

In the early days and weeks of your piercing, you may want to consider an acrylic barbell to minimize wear and tear on your pearly whites.

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