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By Meghan O'Neal 05/08/2019

The success of your piercing begins before you even sit in the piercer’s chair. Finding a good piercer isn’t just a good idea; it’s imperative for the health of your piercing. Beyond infecting your piercing with harmful bacteria, a poor piercer could permanently damage your tissue, leaving scars that sometimes require surgery to rectify. The last thing you want is for your new nose piercing to turn into a medical disaster.

The skill of your piercer will also affect how much the piercing hurts. Although you will feel pain regardless, an experienced piercer will know how to conduct the piercing quickly and smoothly as well as how to help you breathe and relax through the process, which contributes greatly to the pain level.

Beyond health issues, every piercer has his or her own style. Similar to choosing a hair dresser or another service provider, you want to find someone who meshes well with your personality. Piercings are fast, but poking a hole in your body can be a nerve-wracking, intimate experience. You want to vibe with the person doing this to you.

It’s important to do your research to find the right piercer for you. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect piercer.

Ask Your Friends

Chances are, you have at least one pierced friend who has a go-to piercer. In any business, referrals are a great way to find what you need without having to wade through thousands of Yelp reviews.

However, you should still do your own due diligence; while your friend might not have had issues with their piercer, you might have a different experience. Furthermore, if you have skin sensitivities or other health issues, then you want to find a piercer who is experienced in those arenas. Make sure that your friend’s piercer is the right one for you, too.

Check social media

Social media has changed the game when it comes to finding a service. All you have to do is search the piercer’s business name to find out what others are saying about them.

person checks social media on phone
Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

Doing a quick search on Instagram can help you see what they’re up to. Likely, they will have a business account where you can see examples of their work. If they’re experienced, they might also have shoutouts and posts from their customers, which will provide you firsthand accounts of the experience with that piercer.

Take social media reviews with a grain of salt; often people take to social media to needlessly complain or to try to get a discount. However, social pages should give you an initial idea of a piercer’s legitimacy.

Check out their studio beforehand

First impressions matter, and you should trust your instincts when it comes to piercings. A good studio will be sterile, uncluttered, and professional. Even if you’re new to piercing, it should be easy to tell if the piercer isn’t adhering to basic safety standards.

dentist chair in a clean office


They should also have a variety of tools that they use. Not all piercings are equal, and they will require specific tools to properly conduct the piercing. Piercing tools should be individually packaged, and you should watch them open their tools before your piercing. The piercer should always be wearing gloves, and they should change the gloves if they handle anything else in the shop.

If they use a piercing gun do not use this piercer. Piercing guns damage the skin and harbor bacteria, and they are a good sign that the piercer wielding them is not experienced.

Talk to the piercer

Don’t be afraid to reach out to the piercer to do your research. Piercers understand that it can be a big decision to get a piercing, and finding the right piercer is a big part of it.

Make sure that your personalities mesh and that they can fulfill your needs. Find out their expertise surrounding the specific piercing you want to get, whether you want a standard cartilage piercing or something more unique, like a nipple or tongue piercing. Explore their policies and if they will continue to help you care for your piercing through the aftercare process. Think about what you want from your piercer and ask them questions that will help you discover if they’re the right fit.

Here are some questions you might ask:

  • How long have you been piercing?
  • How did you get started piercing?
  • Why do you pierce?
  • Did you start as an apprentice or did you just pick it up as you went along?

You might feel a little awkward asking these questions, but think about it as a job interview. You’re considering hiring this piercer to pierce your body. You have every right to know if they are the proper person to do the job.

Don’t be afraid to travel

If you live in a city, you probably have access to tons of great piercers. However, if you live in a smaller town, you might not have that luxury. If you’re unsure about the piercers in your town, don’t be afraid to travel to one that you’re comfortable with.

girl holds head out of a car window during road trip


When it comes to your piercing, you don’t want to settle on a piercer just because there’s no one else available. Choosing a piercer for convenience could lead to expensive consequences down the road. Make a road trip of it, and bring your friends along. You can turn your piercing into a fun weekend to remember.

Explore multiple piercers

When you’re a piercing beginner, it can be difficult to notice the warning signs while researching piercers. Don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to multiple piercers. As you get a feel for the piercing world, you’ll gain a better understanding of what you’re looking for in a piercer so that you can be confident in your choice.

When it comes to doctors and dentists, you’d feel perfectly comfortable shopping around and getting second opinions. After all, it’s a matter of your health. Do the same for your piercer. It’s important to find a piercer that you trust, and no one can fault you for doing your research.

Don’t get too overwhelmed with the prospect of finding a piercer. While it does require research, once you’ve established a piercer that you love, you’ll likely never have to find a piercer again, and your piercing (and body) will thank you for it.

Piercing inspiration

If you feel daunted by the task of finding a piercer, here are some cute jewelry pieces to help you envision what your new piercing will look like and hopefully give you the courage to continue your search.

Meghan O'Neal