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By FT Admin 05/13/2013

Surface piercings are not your ordinary body piercings, however they are growing in popularity. What they are is basically any kind of piercing that goes through the skin, where there is not a mound of flesh, cartilage, or in a concave/ convex area that supports a standard piercing. Surface piercings are different than traditional piercings because they run along the plane of the skin, rather than pierce through the tissue and plane.

Some of the most common ones are the corset piercing, which is a series done most often on the back, and laced like a corset; the lower back, which is SUPER SEXY; the Madison, which is a horizontal piercing above the collarbone, the hip piercing, nape piercing, (at the back of the neck), and the neck piercing, which also goes by the name “vampire bites.”

Surface bars are the standard body jewelry for surface piercings. They are the least likely to get rejected, while Bioplast body jewelry can sometimes be used because of their high flexibility.

Because surface piercings pierce through the skin, they are more often than not temporary. They are known to last anywhere from 3 months, and up to a few years, but they have a high tendency to get rejected. The body most often will view the jewelry as a foreign object, and therefore attempt to expel it and cause it to literally grow out. You will be able to tell if your body is rejecting the piercing if it becomes abnormally red. If you are experiencing rejection, or you think it may be occurring, head to your piercer right away so they can look at it. Rejection can be painful, and there runs the risk of infection so be wary if you are looking into getting a surface piercing. These should absolutely be done experienced piercers, as proper placement and the correct jewelry will give you a better success rate.

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