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At last you have found the perfect store to shop for your fine piercing jewelry from the comfort of your own home. At FreshTrends we design and create custom body jewelry from solid 14k gold and platinum. We are a small business located in Palm Beach, Florida dedicated to making high quality gold body jewelry that you will never want to take off.

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By Laurrel Allison 04/20/2018

I remember eight years ago sitting on a chair in a tattoo studio. I had already gotten my nose ring done, I figured I could add another to the list. I can’t remember the price he quoted me, but there was a slight discount if I got two. So even though I had originally gone to just get my belly button pierced, that was the day I also got my helix done. 

“So what kind of jewelry did you want?” he asked, referring to my belly button piercing. He had also asked if I wanted the upper or lower bit of my navel pierced. I was not prepared for so many questions. I had (wrongly) assumed there was just one way to do it all. He showed me a small circular barbell, a curved barbell, and a basic belly ring. “Uhhh…” was my decidedly eloquent response to all this. 


He kindly explained the difference between the first two. He told me a circular barbell wasn’t going to be a good option if I did a lot of restaurant work with a bunch of bending and moving. It could easily get caught in my jeans and get tugged or torn out. I shuddered at the sound of the last couple words so I moved on to the next two. My desire for symmetry was the deciding factor in the end. I didn’t like how the normal belly ring had a bigger ball at the bottom than at the top. So I opted for the curved barbell (before caving later on and comprising a sizable collection of mega cute belly rings). 


So what was the difference between getting the upper bit or the lower bit (I am sure there is a far more technical name for those bits) of my navel pierced? Sitting in the tattoo studio all those years ago I struggled to remember what my one friend’s belly button looked like when she got it pierced. The piercer sensed my hesitation and, again, graciously explained to me that it was far more common to pierce the upper bit. 


There are several reasons why someone would go the road less traveled on and choose a slightly different positioning for their belly ring. Perhaps they had severe scarring from when their belly ring came loose, fell out, and the piercing healed up. Their body could be lacking the proper anatomy for the regular piercing. They might want to simply add the reverse navel (also known as inverted navel) piercing to mirror their original navel piercing. Perhaps they left in a belly ring too long whilst pregnant and now the hole is stretched, scarred, and closed. Or maybe they just want to go for a different look that would make them stand apart from the crowd. There is no good or bad way to get a piercing done unless it’s done unprofessionally, unhygienically, hastily/messily, or against the client’s profess wishes. Otherwise, you are free to follow your creative spirit and get yourself whatever awesome piercing wherever you want! 


While many opt out of the belly ring trend or get it pierced then change their minds and take it out, they’ve got their own awesomeness going on. I’m personally thankful I got mine done because it adds that extra bit of sparkly surprise when I’m at the beach or decide to don a crop top for the day. Belly ring styles are so expansive that there is no doubt you would easily be able to find the right jewelry for you if you so desire. 

So how do you figure out whether a regular belly button ring, a dangle belly ring, or a fun reverse belly ring would be best for you? Well, we’re gonna leave that one up to you! Rest assured that we have plenty from which to choose at our store. We even have a gorgeous array of 14k gold belly rings, if that’s more your speed. I have only ever stuck with the non-dangle variety but that’s just me. I tend to get annoyed with dangling jewelry. I suppose that’s why I don’t like necklaces…


Laurrel Allison

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