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By Meghan O'Neal 09/14/2021

Fall heralds the end of the year (good riddance, 2021!), which means it’s time to discover a new you. Getting a body piercing can be the perfect way to leave the mess of 2020 and 2021 behind and greet 2022 with a brand new look.

September, October, and November are also ideal months to get piercings that have long healing times, like a cartilage piercing. That way, your piercing will be fully healed and ready for some poolside fun once summer rolls around. (Remember, you must stay away from water while your piercing is healing, so if you improperly time your piercing, you could ruin summer beach plans.) 

Long story short, if you’ve been looking for a sign to get pierced, then this is it! If you’re still trying to decide which type of piercing you want, we’ve got you covered. Here are our favorite 2021 fall piercing trends and new jewelry styles.

Multiple ear piercings in close groups

This year, it’s all about the cartilage. It makes sense; since we’re still wearing masks in many areas, and mask mandates are coming back, many other popular piercings, like nose and lip piercings, are a no-go. Instead, piercees have gotten super creative with their ear piercings, and we love it.

multiple lobe and cartilage piercings
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Multiple cartilage piercings have always been a thing, but now people are grouping their piercings close together in a carefully planned design. You can stack your piercings on top of each other, form them in a triangle (what some people are calling the Bermuda triangle piercing), or in any shape that you want.

Your lobe offers a great canvas for this style, especially if you have a larger lobe, but you can also pierce your helix, conch, auricle, or other areas in a similar way. You just have to make sure that there’s enough room. If you have an idea for a grouping, be sure to talk to a piercer before you get too attached so that they can confirm whether or not it’s possible.

Depending on where you want your piercings located, you might be able to get them done all at once, or your piercer might recommend coming in for separate appointments to give time for swelling to go down between piercings. 

Orbital cartilage piercings

Orbital piercings are one of the coolest piercing types, in our humble opinion. It consists of two piercing holes that are connected by a single hoop. Orbital piercings create this super cool aesthetic that will make people double-take, and it is sure to start some conversations.

Orbital piercings are most common in the lobe (since the lobe is fleshier, and it can stretch to accommodate a hoop without too much damage), but orbital piercings are possible in the cartilage. You just have to be pierced in the correct way.

If you want to get an orbital piercing in your cartilage, you need to be pierced specifically for the orbital look. The piercing holes need to be able to accommodate the hoop shape so that the jewelry doesn’t press against the piercing holes. This means that you can’t simply take a hoop and stick it into two cartilage piercings to achieve this look.

The helix area of the ear is probably the best place to have this type of piercing done, but we have seen it successfully done elsewhere. This is another piercing that you should discuss with a piercer. They’ll be able to help you come up with a safe piercing location, since this piercing type greatly depends upon your anatomy.

Constellation piercings

These days, it’s all about astrology and horoscopes. This trend has seeped into body piercings, as well, and we think it’s awesome.

Constellation piercings are the new big thing in multiple ear piercings. They often appear on and around the lobe, but some have cultivated the constellation look across their entire ear. It works like this: you map out the look of your favorite constellation, perhaps the one associated with your astrological sign, and you get the piercings that coincide with the stars within your constellation.

The piercing may come out looking exactly like the constellation you’ve chosen, or it might be more symbolic. This completely depends on where you choose to get pierced and what your anatomy will allow. Either way, you’re left with a super cool look that’s meaningful to you.

This style looks especially stunning when filled with dainty diamond studs.

Keep your mask in mind

Unfortunately, we haven’t left pandemic times yet. Even if masks are no longer required in your area, some stores and piercing studios may still ask you to wear them. This means that you need to keep your mask in mind when planning for a new piercing.

You probably won’t be able to get your nose or lips pierced for a while. Even if you’re able to get the piercing done, masks aren’t great for a healing piercing. Your breath will create a damp atmosphere, which can cause piercing complications, and it’s never good to put pressure on a healing piercing.

You also need to be careful about the mask straps that go around your ears. This piece could easily snag on new cartilage piercings, and depending on where you get pierced, they may put pressure on the back of the new piercing, which is no good.

If your mask is getting in the way of your piercing, you can invest in mask strap extenders which will pull the mask straps away from your ear.  

Fall jewelry styles to love

If you’re not looking to get pierced right now, you can still update your look with some new jewelry styles.

Right now, gemstones are what it’s all about. People are rocking diamonds in dainty studs, seamless hoops, and gorgeous charms.

While we love the uniform look of several dainty studs in a row, eclectic styles are also trending. In fashion, people are mixing and matching bold patterns, and in piercings, they’re opting for a variety of charms, hoops, and studs for a mismatched look that’s strangely cohesive.

As you shop for your cartilage jewelry this year, check out the diamond gemstones, dainty charms, and gorgeous hoops to fill your ears. The rule of this season is that there are no rules.

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