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While body piercings don’t have a season—they look fantastic all year long!—deciding when to get a new piercing requires a bit of strategy. If you get a piercing that takes longer to heal, for example, you won’t be able to go swimming for months, which could ruin an upcoming tropical vacation.

When fall arrives, you’re looking forward to months of cold weather, making it the perfect time to get those piercings you can’t wait to show off in the summertime. As the season changes, it’s also the best time to take on a new look. Here are some of our favorite piercings to get in the fall (and some that you might want to wait for).

Belly button piercings

Although belly button piercings shine their brightest in the summer—the season of crop tops and bikinis—they take a long time to heal (around 6 to 8 months). As they heal, you need to keep them safe from snagging, which often means keeping them covered, and you’ll have to avoid standing water in pools, lakes, and oceans. You might be keen to get one in the summer season, but it’s probably the worst time to get one.

As the days get cooler, it’s time to start thinking about your plans for next summer, including which body piercings you want to show off. If you get your belly pierced in September or October, this means that, even if it takes 8 months to fully heal, your belly piercing will be ready to reveal by May or June. 

In the meantime, you can spend your winter dreaming of these super cute navel jewelry styles.

Upper cartilage piercings

Upper cartilage piercings don’t really have a preferred season, but like belly piercings, healing times can be substantial; you can spend up to 9 months on healing. If water activities are important to you, then you’ll want to time your cartilage piercings so that you can go swimming when the warmer weather returns. 

Additionally, once winter hits, it’s a little easier to cover upper cartilage piercings—like helix, flat, rook, or foward helix piercings—with a scarf or loose hat on those really cold days. Metal is a thermal conductor, which means that it will basically suck the heat from your skin. Because of this, body jewelry worn in the cold can actually contribute to frostbite. It’s good to be able to cover your new piercings when you go outside.

Be warned, however: when you cover your jewelry in the cold, make sure that it doesn’t snag, that your hats and scarves are clean, and that you don’t cover it for too long or put too much pressure on the jewelry. Failure to do so could lead to infection or other complications. 

Although the healing period is substantial, it gives you the chance to dream about all of the cartilage jewelry options. Here are some of our favorites for inspiration.

Nipple piercings

Like the other piercings on this list, nipple piercings also have a substantial healing period (up to 9 months). Because of this, it’s a good idea to get them done during the fall so that they can be ready to play come summertime.

As nipple piercings heal, they should be covered by a tight-fitting cotton bra or t-shirt. This means that layers will be your friends. Take advantage of the cooler weather, and let the tight tees become part of your layered fall wardrobe.

And, when summer comes around, you’ll know exactly what jewelry you want to buy for your healed nipple piercing. Here are some trendy styles from FreshTrends.

In cold weather, stay away from facial piercings

You might want to reconsider getting new facial piercings in the fall, especially if you live in an area with harsh weather. 

As mentioned previously, metal is a thermal conductor, meaning that it will suck the heat from your skin. This can contribute to frostbite. While ear, belly, and nipple piercings are easy to cover to avoid any issues, facial piercings are a little more difficult. While your piercings are healing, you also won’t be able to take out your jewelry, so there aren’t many ways to protect your facial piercings in the bitter cold.

Once your piercings heal, you can opt for plastic piercing retainers when the cold weather hits. Because of this, it’s best to get facial piercings in the spring or summer to give them time to heal before winter.

Summer may be over, but that only means that it’s time to plan your piercings for next season. Get your sexy summer piercings done in the fall so that you’ll be able to reveal your favorite new jewelry pieces alongside your beach bod.

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