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Constellation Formation
By Meghan O'Neal 06/30/2020

It’s hard to believe that, as long as body piercings have been around, there could be anything truly new in the piercing world. Sure, certain piercings rise to popularity more than others, but is there ever anything truly new?

Well, the piercing world has surprised us, yet again, with a new, amazing piercing style: constellation piercings.

These aren’t really new piercings. Rather, they’re a way to take established piercings to create a completely unique look. If you’ve been noticing the trend and wondering what it’s all about, here’s a quick guide to constellation piercings.

What are constellation piercings?

Constellation piercings consist of multiple lobe and/or cartilage piercings that are meant to mimic the night sky. 

The concept of a constellation piercing isn’t a complicated one. You simply get the piercings in the correct locations to form a constellation, fill them with studs, and you’ve got a beautiful constellation design in your ear. The only things that might preclude you from the constellation that you want are the shape and form of your ear and any existing piercings that might get in the way. However, if you choose an experienced piercer, they can often work with your ear shape and existing piercings to produce a constellation look unique to you. (Check out the constellation look here.)

the big dipper constellation piercing

Constellation piercings are designed to mimic the look of your favorite constellation.

Many who get this piercing choose the constellation associated with their star sign. But, you can get any constellation that has meaning to you or simply one that you like. Just be aware that you might have to be flexible with its placement if your piercer can’t achieve the look in the position that you want. 

Of course, you can always choose the less literal approach, and fill your ears with a more random pattern.

How do I get a constellation piercing?

First, you need to find a reputable piercer. This piercing takes some planning, so you should try to find a piercer who has experience with constellation piercings or other types of piercings that require precise placement. If there are no such piercers in your area, find a piercer who is known for their meticulousness who will be willing to take the time to plan out your piercing with you.

You should come to the studio with an open mind. Everyone’s ear shape is different, and cartilage folds can be difficult to work with. What you have in mind for your piercing might not be possible with your anatomy. Arrive at the studio with a few different ideas of how your piercing could look, but most importantly, listen to the expertise of the piercer. Not only do they know how to produce a safe and healthy piercing, but they also know how to make a piercing look great. If your piercer says that they have an idea that will look better, let them play around with it.

How much does a constellation piercing hurt?

The pain of a constellation piercing doesn’t come from the individual piercings (which won’t hurt more than regular cartilage or lobe piercings). It comes from the discomfort of getting pierced multiple times.

Depending on the constellation that you choose, you might be looking at quite a few piercings in one sitting. While there’s no health reason why you can’t get them all done at once, you need to pay attention to your body throughout the process, and don’t be afraid to take a break. Listen to your piercer; if your constellation piercing is located in a place that could swell significantly, they might have you wait a week or so between piercings to allow swelling to recede in between piercing sessions.

If you start to feel faint, drink some water and have a protein bar. If it doesn’t go away, it’s okay to go home and finish the piercing another day. 

What jewelry should I wear in a constellation piercing?

The great thing about a constellation piercing is that it consists of multiple piercings. If, one day, you’re not feeling the constellation look, you can wear whatever jewelry fits in those piercings.

To complete the constellation look, however, you should wear cartilage or earring studs with similar designs. Most people opt for dainty gemstones or stars for a look that’s true to the constellation. You can also choose simple beads or other styles that complement the constellation look.

What if I don’t want to get pierced multiple times?

If needles make you queasy, then you probably don’t want to sit through the multiple piercings it takes to get the constellation look. In that case, shop for jewelry that might remind you of your favorite constellation on a starry night. You can choose cute stars, half moons, or pick some jewelry with the gemstone associated with your star sign. 

If you’re looking for a multi-pierced look with an organized plan, the constellation piercing could be for you. Do you have a constellation piercing? We’d love to see it! Tag FreshTrends in your constellation-piercing photos on social media.

Meghan O'Neal

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