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By Meghan O'Neal 02/07/2022

The earlobe has been a favorite piercing spot for generations, but there are still so many lobe piercing aesthetics that you haven’t even considered.

The lobe offers a vast playground of piercing choices, and it would be a pity to stick to the standard single or double lobe piercing. After all, we feel free to experiment with our cartilage. Why not give the lobe—an area with a much shorter and easier healing time—the same creativity?

If you’ve been racking your brain for your next ear piercing, here are some lobe piercing styles that you probably haven’t even considered.

Stacked lobe piercings

Those who opt for multiple lobe piercings typically place them side by side. While this look is classic, it’s hardly creative. If you’re craving something unique, think about getting lobe piercings above one another.

This style looks great with daintier studs that won’t overpower each other or with a dangle or hoop added to the mix.

Try a triangle

Along the lines of a vertical style, lobe piercings placed in a triangular formation will look fantastic in your ear. Add the glamor of tiny gemstones or 14k gold balls, and you’ll have a look that’s subtle yet stunning.

Get climbing jewelry

Do you want the look of multiple piercings, but you don’t want to go through the hassle of healing? Try out climbing jewelry.

As you might have guessed by the name, climbing jewelry is a longer piece of jewelry designed to look as though it’s climbing up your ear. They’re popular in cartilage piercings like the auricle or helix, but placed in a lobe piercing, they appear as though they’re creeping into your cartilage.

Get creative with your jewelry

When you think of lobe jewelry, you might only picture small gauge styles or plugs and tunnels that fill stretched lobes. However, you can stretch your lobes to a size that will accommodate the larger gauges of cartilage jewelry, widening your jewelry choices.

Stretched to a 16G or 18G (rather than 14G like normal lobe piercings), you can choose curved and circular barbells as well as thicker seamless hoop options. You can even get tiny plugs and tunnels combining the best of multiple worlds.

This is perfect for those who enjoy bolder jewelry types, but who don’t want to stretch their lobes to a massive gauge. 

The transverse lobe piercing

Veering from more standard lobe piercing options, the transverse lobe piercing goes through the lobe horizontally (instead of perpendicularly like standard lobe piercings). This creates a unique double pierced look coming from the bottom edge of your lobe.

Transverse lobe piercings can only accept curved barbells, but with ends made of gemstones, opals, or other unique materials, you won’t be able to get enough of this look. Combined with other lobe piercings, and you’ll have a style that will be envied by all.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that lobe piercings are boring. They’re arguably one of the most versatile piercing locations on the body. Besides the countless piercing options, lobes only take around 4 to 6 weeks to heal, and they’re one of the least painful piercings to get. What more could you ask for?

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Meghan O'Neal

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