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Woman with two facial piercings
By Meghan O'Neal 02/22/2022

We already know that piercings have pretty much shaken their social taboo. Cartilage piercings have widely gained complete acceptance, and even edgier piercings are seen in office buildings and other more conservative settings.

This is something to be celebrated! In the past, piercings that appeared in the eyebrow, septum, or other areas of the face were typically left to the youth—who had a few years ahead of them before they had to worry about their professionality and appearance—or adults who were lucky enough to be in a position where facial piercings didn’t matter. Now, you can get pierced wherever you want without much of a risk of judgment.

To acknowledge the freedom of alternative fashion entering mainstream acceptance, we want to talk about some of our favorite facial piercings. Here are some new and classic facial piercing styles that you can rock anywhere and at any age.

Eyebrow piercing

Back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, the eyebrow piercing was popularized by punk artists, many of whom would be seen with a paperclip or some other object shining in their eyebrow rather than a proper piece of jewelry. “We know the rules, but we’re choosing to ignore them,” this look said.

Now, we know that paperclips aren’t the best for piercings (the cheap metal and small size are just asking for jewelry rejection), but the eyebrow piercing aesthetic is still going strong. Whether you want to dazzle with diamonds, go with a classic seamless ring, or have some fun with charms, there are so many ways to make your eyebrow piercing your own.

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Labret piercing

While the side labret piercing has been the lip piercing of choice for quite some time, we’re seeing more and more classic labret piercings, and we love it.

Located in the skin beneath your bottom lip at the center, the labret piercing can be decorated with a super cute flat back stud, or you can opt for a stunning hoop look. A seamless ring offers a sleek, stunning aesthetic that serves to create a sense of symmetry, or you can go for a bold hoop style for something a bit more contemporary.

This year, bold and eclectic styles are in, and a show-stopping hoop decorating your lower lip could be just what you need to bring your style into 2021.

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Nostril piercing

Nostril piercings are so classic, we doubt that they’ll ever go out of style.

Probably the first facial piercing to gain mainstream acceptance, the nostril piercing can be easily made subtle with a dainty gemstone or charm peering out of the piercing. Or, choose a seamless hoop for a crisp and classy look.

But, we love when people go bold. A double-pierced nostril allows for tons of jewelry options. Or, choose a captive bead ring with a pearl or gemstone bead or another bold hoop design that will bring your classic nostril piercing to a whole new level.

Nostril piercing jewelry

Septum piercing

While septum piercings have gotten a bad rap back in the day, they’ve gained massive traction in the last few years, even making appearances on some of our favorite celebrities.

It’s no wonder that this piercing is finally getting the attention that it deserves. It’s easy to hide, it can take a variety of hoop options, from small curved barbells to large, elaborate hoops, and it’s got that badass attitude that says, “I’m effortlessly cool.”

You can choose a smaller hoop style, like a simple 14k gold clicker ring, but why not try something a little outside of the box? We love the look of a beautifully designed hoop decorating your nose, especially when combined with an upper lip piercing, like the Medusa or the Madonna.

Septum piercing jewelry

New styles we love

Classics are classic for a reason, but if you really want to look outside of the box, then check out these other facial piercings that we can’t get enough of.

Surface tragus piercing

surface tragus piercing

Appearing in the skin next to your tragus (the triangular-shaped piece of cartilage right in front of your ear canal), the surface tragus piercing actually appears to be two piercings. Since it appears in flat skin, the piercer will complete this piercing by pinching the skin and pushing the needle through, leaving you with two front-facing piercing holes with a long piercing tunnel. This piercing will then be filled with a curved barbell, allowing the bead ends to stick out.

Because this piercing is close to the ears, it has a similar aesthetic to a cartilage piercing, but it offers a brand new look that’s quite alluring. Opt for gorgeous bead ends, like diamonds or pearls, to accentuate the classy yet alternative look.

Surface tragus jewelry

Vertical labret piercing

woman with vertical labret piercing

The vertical labret piercing is one of the few piercings that go through the lip itself. It takes place in the center of the bottom lip with an exit hole beneath your lip. Filled with a curved barbell, the result is a unique style that serves to accentuate your lips.

This piercing is perfect for those with full lips that they want to show off. We love the look with a beautiful gemstone, but you can also opt for super cute charms as well. Looking to really make this piercing stand out? Pair it with some stunning lipstick, and you’ll look sexy as hell.

Vertical labret jewelry

Medusa piercing

woman with medusa piercing

Appearing on the upper lip right below the septum, the Medusa piercing (also known as the philtrum piercing) looks fantastic on its own or paired with a septum piercing.

Typically worn with a flat-back stud, you can opt for subtle charms and gemstones, but we love it when Medusa piercees go bold with some big jewelry choices. Have fun playing around with large gemstones, intricate designs, and mixing and matching with other facial piercing looks.

Shope Medusa jewelry

Now is the time to experiment with facial piercings. Whether you’re going for classic or contemporary, we’ve got the jewelry to make you feel modern and fantastic.

Meghan O'Neal

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