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Girl with unique septum piercing
By Meghan O'Neal 11/04/2019

The amazing thing about piercings becoming more accepted by mainstream society is that you can now flaunt your piercings without too many repercussions, whether professional or social.

The frustrating thing is that it’s becoming more and more difficult to find a truly unique piercing style. As little as five or so years ago, you’d rarely see a septum piercing except in more alternative groups. Now, it’s possible to see septum piercings on anyone from your front desk clerk to the leader of your mommy-and-me group.

If you’re looking for a truly unique piercing, you might need to get a little creative. Here are some unique variations to common piercings that remain within mainstream acceptability while showcasing your distinctive style. 

Rook piercing

Cartilage piercings have exploded in popularity. Partially because they can be easily hidden beneath hair and partially because they’re widely accepted, even in professional environments, it’s not uncommon to see multiple cartilage piercings adorning the ear.

Even previously less common piercings, like the daith piercing, are spotted on more and more people. Because of this, you might be in search of an alternative cartilage piercing option.

The rook piercing offers just that. Located in the flap of skin directly above the daith, the rook piercing can be decorated with a hoop, curved barbell, or circular barbell, but the jewelry won’t wrap around the edge of the ear, like it does in helix or auricle piercings. This presents an aesthetic particular to the rook piercing.

Horizontal eyebrow piercing

The eyebrow piercing is one of the more common facial piercings. Decorated with a hoop or a curved or circular barbell, this piercing provides a cute way to show off your alternative style without having to deal with some of the oral issues of lip piercings.

But, its adorable style means that, with the acceptance of body piercings, the eyebrow piercing isn’t as alternative as it used to be. Many combat this issue by getting their eyebrow pierced multiple times. But, if you’re looking for something subtle, then adding more jewelry to your look won’t do the trick.

Enter: the horizontal eyebrow piercing. While the standard piercing pierces the skin beneath your brow line vertically, the horizontal eyebrow piercing pierces the skin above the brow line, you guessed it, horizontally. 

When adorned with a curved barbell, the horizontal eyebrow piercing takes on a double-pierced look with the beaded ends sticking out of each piercing hole. It leaves you with an edgy style that’s still a little subtle, but it stands out more than the standard pierced eyebrow look.

Double nose piercing

Nose piercings, whether through the nostril or the septum, are probably the most popular facial piercings. A hoop or stud decorating the nose serves to stand out on a prominent facial feature, so even the daintiest jewelry choices create a bold look.

But, that look becomes less bold when everyone around you is sporting it. If you want something a little different, try getting a double nose piercing.

You can either get your septum or your nostril double pierced. The look of side-by-side hoops presents an individual style that’s still rarely seen while remaining acceptable by mainstream society. It offers a little edge to an otherwise common piercing.

You can also pierce each nostril for a truly fantastic style.

Snug piercing

Similar to the rook piercing, the snug piercing provides a less common cartilage piercing option. Located in the fold of cartilage near the rim of the ear where the auricle would take place, the snug piercing is a front-facing piercing. It can be decorated with a hoop or a circular or curved barbell.

The snug piercing is a fantastic alternative to helix or auricle piercings. It’s located in a similar area, but while helix or auricle piercings wrap around the ear, the snug piercing goes through a fold of cartilage, so the entire jewelry piece will be shown. Befitting its name, the snug piercing is located in a tight area, so daintier jewelry styles are preferred, making it the perfect option for those looking for something a little less common but still subtle.

Surface tragus piercing

While the tragus piercing used to be a unique piercing choice, it’s quickly becoming quite common. If you love the dainty look of the tragus piercing, but you don’t want something that everyone else has, then look into the surface tragus piercing.

This piercing is located in the skin where your face meets your tragus. Since it’s a surface piercing, you’ll wear a curved barbell with the beaded ends sticking out of each piercing hole, which creates the alluring aesthetic of two cute dots poking through your skin. 

Like with the tragus piercing, you can wear daintier jewelry styles, making it a subtly beautiful choice, but the individual style will make it stand out on its own.

Surface belly piercing

Since the ‘90s, belly button piercings have been an incredibly popular summer look. The advent of crop tops in recent years has caused a resurgence of the belly piercing trend. We love belly piercings, but if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind piercing, you might need to get a little creative.

Instead of piercing through the belly button, you can pierce the skin above or below the belly button. Like the horizontal eyebrow piercing and the surface tragus piercing, the surface belly button piercing is a surface piercing, so it will be filled with a curved barbell, leaving the beaded ends peeking from your skin.

Many who choose to get the surface belly piercing combine it with a standard belly button piercing for a truly bold look. However, if you want something a little less flashy, the surface belly piercing looks fantastic on its own, especially if you opt for gemstones or other shiny bead options. 

Just because piercings are becoming wildly popular doesn’t mean that you can’t show off your individual style. If you’re unsure, talk to your piercer about the area that you want pierced, and they can discuss the newest trends and hottest styles that you can be the first one to wear.

Stand out by trying trendy jewelry

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Meghan O'Neal

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