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By Meghan O'Neal 09/20/2022


  • Septum piercings and cartilage piercings remain some of the most popular piercings to get. Stacked lobe piercings and other multiple lobe piercings have also seen increasing popularity. Don’t match your jewelry. Instead, choose various 14k gold and platinum colors to enliven your cartilage cluster look.
  • Opt for bold and beautiful jewelry styles over daintier options.

Fall is for lattes, sweaters, falling leaves, and brisk walks. As the school year starts, it elicits feelings of fresh beginnings; even if you’re no longer a student, those formative days have cemented the association of fall with the excitement of something new.

This is why fall is one of our favorite times to get a new piercing. Summer holidays allow us to re-center and rediscover ourselves. As the days grow shorter and cooler, fall offers the perfect opportunity to exhibit that discovery externally. What better way to express your growth and individuality than with a piercing?

Besides the fulfilling aspects of getting pierced in the fall, there are some practical reasons to get pierced at this time as well. Piercings that take a long time to heal, like cartilage or navel piercings, can have plenty of time to mend over the winter months for their big poolside reveal when summer comes again. Furthermore, layered clothing will allow you to hide your piercings if necessary, keeping them secret until you can fill your healed piercing with a retainer.

Whether your reasons for getting pierced this fall are personal or practical, we are in full support. Unsure of which piercing you want to get? Here are the coolest piercings for fall 2022.

Septum piercings

Last year, septum piercings ranked among one of the piercings to get, and this year, they remain. Fashion catwalks have seen numerous septum piercings decorating models, proving that the trend is alive and well.

Aligning with other trends of 2022, those who have septum piercings shouldn’t shy away from bold jewelry. The early 2020s have been all about bright colors and bold designs, and your jewelry isn’t any different.

If you want to bring your septum piercing to the next level, pair a bold septum ring with a stunning medusa/philtrum piercing. With a bold lip color, this combination is sure to make heads turn.

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Photo by Airam Dato-on on Unsplash
Emulate her look: 14k Gold Circular Barbell, Seamless Ring Hoop, Trinity Diamond Faux Hoop

Stacked lobe piercings (aka ear snake bites)

In spite of their ubiquity, lobe piercings are re-taking the fashion world by storm. Although a large percentage of people already have their lobes pierced, piercees are getting back into the piercing chair to get their lobes pierced multiple times.

While last year was all about triangle lobe piercings, this year we’re seeing loads of stacked lobe piercings (sometimes called ear snake bites). These typically consist of two piercings stacked on top of each other. 

Because your lobe is so versatile, it can be pierced in pretty much any way that you want. You can get your stacked lobe piercings super close together or a little further apart. You don’t even have to limit yourself to two piercings; we love the look of multiple lobe piercings climbing the ear.

If you’re unsure of which lobe piercing look you’d prefer, set up a consultation with a piercer. They see lots of lobe looks, and they will know how to guide you toward your perfect aesthetic. 

Stacked lobes beg for dainty jewelry
While body jewelry styles for other piercings are becoming bolder, the stacked lobe aesthetic begs for something a little daintier. To take full advantage of your lobe piercing look, try earrings with tiny diamonds or other gemstones. These will draw attention to your carefully cultivated lobe look without overwhelming your aesthetic. Shop for your new favorite diamond earrings here.

Anything cartilage

Cartilage piercings are another piercing type that has firmly remained at the top of the piercing style list. It makes sense; current clothing trends show a mixed-and-matched look, and with multiple cartilage piercings, you can offer that same aesthetic by mixing and matching your jewelry.

Although pretty much any cartilage piercing is hot right now, there are a few standouts worth mentioning.

Rook piercing

The rook piercing appears in the flap of cartilage between your daith (above your ear canal) and below the forward helix of the ear. If you have suitable anatomy, this piercing can add dimension to your cartilage piercing cluster, placing a splash of sparkle in an area that’s usually left alone. Because it’s located in such a small area, it begs for daintier jewelry styles like tiny seamless rings or curved barbells with small gemstones.

Unfortunately, few people have the proper ear shape to safely complete this piercing. However, you can emulate the look with a faux rook piercing. (More details about the faux rook piercing here.)

Daith piercing

The daith gained particular traction a few years ago because of claims that it could permanently activate an acupuncture point in that area. Those who have gotten the piercing for that reason claimed that their daith piercing helped to relieve their migraines. Unfortunately, these assertions seem to be anecdotal; there is no scientific evidence that a piercing will have the same effect as acupuncture, and piercers aren’t educated in acupuncture placements, anyway. One good thing did come out of the dubious medical claims: it popularized a super-cute piercing.

The daith piercing is located in the flap of cartilage above the ear canal. While some choose to decorate their daith with sleek seamless rings and other understated jewelry, we love the look of a daith piercing with a bold hoop. It can really bring your cartilage aesthetic together, helping to draw the eye to a stunning, detailed hoop before guiding the gaze to your other cartilage jewelry pieces.

Conch piercing

The conch piercing is one that allows for multiple placement options. It appears in the center portion of the ear, and it can be placed almost anywhere in that region. For those who are carefully cultivating their cartilage piercing look, this can be a godsend; if you feel as though your ears have been missing a little something, then the conch piercing might be for you.

Most placements require a cartilage earring or flat-back stud. However, the outer conch piercing, located in the middle portion of the ear semi-close to the rim, can be fitted with a large hoop that will go around the rim of the ear. Whichever way you choose to pierce, you will know that you’re getting a fantastic body jewelry aesthetic.

Showcase multiple cartilage piercings and lobe piercings


Photo by Joshua Rondeau on Unsplash
Emulate her look: Solid Gold Huggie Hoop Earrings, 3mm Diamond Low-Set Prong Cartilage Earrings, Cultured Peacock Pearl Captive Bead Ring

Mix up your metal colors

As we’ve mentioned a few times already, this decade has thrown away matching in favor of eclectic designs. The same goes for your jewelry.

Last year, the mix-and-match trend materialized as various charms and different-sized jewelry. While this is still the case, we’re seeing a new level of mixing and matching through varied metal colors. Rather than going all yellow 14k gold, for example, add some rose gold and white gold to your jewelry box. For staple pieces, like seamless rings, you can even splurge for ultra-high-quality 950 platinum.

Have you thought about platinum body jewelry?
Although platinum is a rare choice for body jewelry, it can make one of the best body jewelry materials. Platinum contains very few alloys (950 platinum is 95% pure), and those alloys are only added to improve its malleability. This means that platinum is incredibly durable. In fact, it’s surpassing gold as the material choice for engagement rings because of its durability. Body piercings are often located in areas that see a lot of wear and tear. If you opt for a platinum piece, scratches and dents won’t appear as often as they might in your 14k gold jewelry. Because of this, we recommend platinum for the body jewelry pieces that you wear most often. 

Labret/lower lip piercings with bold jewelry

If the Paris Fashion Week catwalk is to be believed, then bold lower-lip jewelry is the upcoming fashion trend for fall 2022 and beyond.

We saw models sporting massive labret rings on their lower lips, cultivating a stunning look. Although this might not be the most practical style, it can be a fantastic aesthetic for special events, especially if you want to look high fashion.

If huge hoops seem a little too inconvenient for you, opt instead for captive bead rings with large gemstones, big and bold flat-back studs, or circular barbells with large bead ends for a similar aesthetic that’s easier for everyday wear. 

Piercings as a fashion statement are becoming more and more popular, and it seems as though it’s a trend that won’t go away. If you’ve been craving bold piercing looks, then 2022 is your year. It’s all about going big, so don’t be afraid to try out some riskier styles. We love self-expression, and today’s piercing and fashion trends leave a lot of space for you to explore.

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