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At last you have found the perfect store to shop for your fine piercing jewelry from the comfort of your own home. At FreshTrends we design and create custom body jewelry from solid 14k gold and platinum. We are a small business located in Palm Beach, Florida dedicated to making high quality gold body jewelry that you will never want to take off.

By Meghan O'Neal 08/07/2022

The face of the body piercing world is changing. As body piercings and tattoos enter mainstream acceptance, the body piercing demographic has seen a profound shift.

In the mid-90s, when body piercings started to take off, they were widely considered to be a rebellious act. Body piercings, particularly those found on the face, were more likely to be found within subcultures or donned by teenagers; rarely would you find a piercing worn by a professional or someone beyond their early 20s. 

As time went on, we began to see piercings on a wider variety of people. As the original piercees grew older, and once certain celebrities popularized previously uncommon piercings, body piercings became more and more common within the mainstream world. 

Today, we see all sorts of piercings on many different people. It’s not uncommon to see a teacher or a nurse sporting a nose ring or to have a couple of people in your mommy-and-me group with a face full of piercings—both demographics where piercings were rarely seen in the past.

Because of this switch, the body jewelry world began to demand higher-quality jewelry. Those who are pierced today now have the budget to invest in beautiful, custom-made jewelry options, and it shows; more and more often, we see people sporting gorgeous high-end body jewelry over cheaper plastic and/or titanium options.

If you haven’t yet shopped for high-end body jewelry, then you might be wondering if the price tag is worth it. After all, why should you invest in a 14k gold piece when you can find a titanium hoop for less money?

Here are some reasons why people are switching to high-end body jewelry and why you should consider the change, too.

High-end jewelry is unique (and it can even be custom-made)

As with everything, there are pros and cons to having body piercings enter mainstream acceptance. While we love the fact that many professions now accept them, and you can wear facial jewelry without too much judgement, it also means that your adorable nose hoop might not be as unique as it used to be.

woman with septum piercing

Even untrained eyes can tell the difference between high-quality jewelry and cheap jewelry.

The way to make your body jewelry stand out is to find beautiful and unique designs. If you stick to the standard titanium options, you’ll have a harder time finding something that’s truly different. Shopping for high-end body jewelry ensures that you’ll sport jewelry that stands out.

Even if you opt for a simple seamless hoop, you’ll find that materials like 14k gold and platinum will attract more attention than materials like titanium. Even if you lack an expert eye, you can tell the difference between high-quality jewelry and cheaper options. Your friends will be able to tell, too.

Help your piercing to truly stand out with gorgeous, high-end options.

High-end body jewelry simply looks better

Don’t let anyone tell you differently; high-end body jewelry will always look better than cheaper options. 

Have you ever seen a glass gemstone next to a real diamond? Even if you have no idea what high-quality jewelry looks like, you’re going to see a difference. 

Additionally, high-end pieces are often handmade. This means that they are given one-on-one attention. From choosing the gemstones to the final polish, high-end jewelry receives unmatched scrutiny, ensuring perfection. 

If you shop at a place like FreshTrends, then each item is designed in-house, which means that you can’t find that style anywhere else. When you switch to high-end jewelry, you’ll never find yourself in the position where your body jewelry looks the same as everyone else’s. It will always be special.

High-end body jewelry lasts longer

There comes a point in your life when you realize that investing in a high-quality product actually saves you more money down the road than buying an inexpensive item that consistently needs to be replaced.

It’s like shoe shopping. You could go to a discount shoe store and buy five pairs of shoes that are super cute but poorly made. After a few months, these shoes will likely fall apart, and you’ll be back at the store purchasing additional pairs of shoes. 

While cheap body jewelry options may only last a few months, high-end body jewelry will last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Or, you could have gone to a higher-end shoe store and bought one or two pairs of shoes for the same price as the five cheap pairs. These high-quality shoes will last you for years, and in a few months, you can afford to buy one or two more pairs without having to throw away the older ones since they’re still going strong. Now, you have up to four gorgeous pairs of shoes that will last you forever. 

The same goes for your jewelry. You could shop at a budget jewelry store and buy multiple pairs of cheap body jewelry. However, in a few months, these pieces will look worn, and you’ll have to replace them. Or, you can shop for one gorgeous high-end piece, and in a few months, you’ll have the budget to add another high-end piece to your collection. Soon, you’ll have cultivated a few quality pieces that will last a lifetime.

Sure, you’ll need to get your jewelry serviced every once in a while, but this will only bring it back to its original luster.

High-end body jewelry is healthier for your piercing

As we learn more about piercings and how the body accepts them, we’ve realized that there are certain materials that you shouldn’t put into your body. Materials that have been popular in the past, like stainless steel and non-biocompatible plastics, are now known to cause skin irritation. There are actually very few materials that should be used in body jewelry.

When you shop high-end jewelry, you’re guaranteed to receive a piece that boasts materials suitable for piercings. You won’t experience skin irritation, and the mirror polished finish will provide a comfort that you can feel.

It’s not uncommon for those who have had piercings for years to develop skin sensitivities. This can be a result of wearing cheap materials for too long. Avoid these complications by sticking with high-end materials that you know are safe for your body.

Quality + beauty = worth it

Admittedly, as a high-end body jewelry retailer, we’re a little biased when it comes to buying high-end body jewelry. However, we sell high-quality body jewelry because we think it’s worth it.

We made the choice to only sell high-end jewelry back in 2019 because we believed that this was the best way to continue making and selling jewelry. Not only does it give piercees an opportunity to shop gorgeous, unique jewelry options, but it gives them a place where they can shop customizable options that they know will be safe for their piercings.

High-end body jewelry offers an unmatched quality and a distinctive look that makes each piece enviable. If you want a change in your body jewelry look, then high-end is the way to go. And, it’s absolutely worth it.

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Meghan O'Neal

2 Replies to “Trending Body Jewelry: Why High-End Jewelry Options Are the Future of the Body Piercing Industry”

Cee Cee Anzaldi, 02 Feb 2021

High quality jewelry is definitely worth the price! I’ve had piercings for years that inevitably got irritated every so often, and I thought it was just something I messed up. But I started making the switch to high quality jewelry and it truly has made a difference. In healing time for new piercings as well.

Francine, 18 Aug 2022

I’ve been wearing 14k and diamond nose studs for 30+years. I only buy high end quality. Very Happy I found Fresh Trends, very happy with my 14k white gold flower diamond nose stud , it is beautiful when it shines and when it no sun or light. I have 6 nose piercing and my single flower diamond nose stud buy it seff on one side. Thank You!, for quality jewelry. I have 2 2.5 diamond studs coming for a gift.

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