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woman with madonna piercing
By Meghan O'Neal 09/27/2022

Marilyn Monroe and Madonna: two strong female figures who challenged social norms and made a huge impact through their celebrity status. Both women paved their own way and refused to adhere to the standards that others wanted to thrust upon them. It’s no wonder that they are the chosen namesakes for the upper lip piercings that we’ll be discussing today. 

What are the Madonna/Monroe Piercings?

The Monroe and the Madonna piercings are nearly the same piercing. The only difference is which side of the face they appear upon. Named for the beauty marks found on its respective star, the Monroe piercing appears on the piercee’s left-hand side in the skin above the upper lip, and the Madonna is the same piercing but placed on the right.

Why we love these piercings

Facial piercings, in general, tend to have a bit of a rebellious feel to them. Since children, we were warned about the dangers of facial piercings and how society may view us if we were to get one.

Because of this, lip piercings tend to have a bit of a defiant rep. Popular among many subculture groups, like the punk or emo scene, they tend to be viewed as a representation of youthful rebellion. 

But, the Madonna and Monroe piercings represent something completely different. Meant to emulate the beauty marks of their namesakes, these piercings characterize beauty. Decorated with a dainty gemstone, these piercings highlight the lips, add a subtle sparkle, and illustrate the fact that imperfection can be beautiful.

If you want a piercing that stands out, represents something meaningful, and shows your individualism, then this is the piercing for you.

What you need to know before getting the Monroe/Madonna piercing

As with every piercing type, the Monroe and Madonna piercings have their own risks.

You need to be careful with any oral piercing. Its location near the teeth presents unique risks. Your initial jewelry will be a bit larger in order to accommodate any swelling. This will pose a chomping hazard. Additionally, since the backing of the jewelry is inside your mouth, it may rub against your teeth and gums as you talk. This could result in gum and enamel wear.

woman with Madonna piercing
Madonna Piercing
Image via Instagram by @pinupdaquebrada

You can minimize these risks by picking out well-fitting jewelry. However, depending on your anatomy, a little jewelry rub may be inevitable. If this becomes an issue, take out your jewelry; your oral health is more important than your body piercing.

This piercing will take 2 – 3 months to heal at a minimum. You should have your piercer confirm that the piercing has fully healed before stopping aftercare practices. 

What type of jewelry can I wear with my Monroe/Madonna piercing?

You can really only wear flat-back lip studs in your Monroe or Madonna piercing. Most people prefer daintier gemstone styles in order to better emulate the beauty mark look. However, if you’d like something bolder, you can try a large gemstone or charm.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing jewelry is the location of the piercing. If you choose a stud with a red or black bead, it could easily look like a pimple from far away. Therefore, you should choose your jewelry wisely to ensure that you project the look that you’re seeking.

When it comes to sizes, you want to make sure that your jewelry fits flush to your skin without being too tight. This will minimize any potential oral damage. Have your piercer let you know the appropriate size for your anatomy, and stick with that size. If your jewelry is too tight, it could embed or cause other issues (even if your piercing is fully healed), and if it’s too loose, it will rub against the teeth and gums and cause oral issues.

The Monroe/Madonna piercing for men

Don’t let the fact that these piercings are named after women fool you; the Monroe and Madonna piercings both look fantastic on men, too.

We love the look of a small gemstone or charm above a well-manicured beard. Or, you can combine it with other lip piercing styles for a unique look, especially if you’re looking for something to offset your side labret piercing. 

Keep in mind that the location can make shaving difficult, so talk to your piercer about placement, and choose a location that won’t get in the way of your daily routine.

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