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By Meghan O'Neal 10/18/2022

Halloween is fast-approaching! While some of us have had our costumes picked out since June, many of us may feel a little less inspired and are scrambling last-minute to choose the perfect outfit for our favorite spooky day.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you! We know what it’s like to procrastinate, so we’ve put together a list of unique costume ideas that you can put together quickly and easily. Plus, we have the body jewelry to match!

Here are some great last-minute Halloween costume ideas for 2022.

Note: Because our pieces are made-to-order, so they might not arrive in time for Halloween this year. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy the costume-themed jewelry as a reminder of all the fun you’ll have at Halloween this year.

Moon Deity

In many religions around the world, both living and dead, there are a vast number of moon deities. These are often among the strongest deities. This makes a moon deity the perfect costume for those who like to show off their inner strength. You can go about a moon deity costume in many ways. You can choose a specific moon deity to dress up as (like the Roman goddess Luna or the Egyptian goddess Isis), or you can use lunar imagery to dress up as the moon itself. Be aware when putting together this costume that these deities do have an importance in culture, and make sure that you’re respectful. When in doubt, stick with more generic imagery of the moon rather than donning any problematic attire.

What you need

  • * A silver dress or other clothing that looks like the moon.
  • * Blue and silver sparkly makeup
  • * Moon-themed jewelry


Body Jewelry to Match


Tiny Diamond Pave Crescent Moon Nose Ring
Tiny Moon Artisan Hammered Flat Back
Diamond Moon Cartilage Earring

1920s Vintage

Now that we’re in the 2020s, it’s the perfect time to throwback to the days of flappers, speakeasies, and gangsters. The 1920s vintage aesthetic has that perfect combination of class and edginess; it was a time when the growing economy allowed for a little more opulence, and we found ourselves with more time for fun. This means that a 1920s costume is all about big jewelry choices, stunning dresses and suits, and impeccable makeup. Whether you want a flow beaded flapper dress, a classier Fitzgerald-style look, or a Bonnie and Clyde vibe, you’re sure to be the star of the show at any costume party.

What you need

  • * A thrifted dress or suit. For the female aesthetic, choose something with beads and a low waistline. For the male aesthetic, choose a loose fitting suit with pinstripes.
  • * Long necklaces and costume beads.
  • * Milgrain jewelry
  • * Slicked hair and red lips.

Body Jewelry to Match


2mm Cubic Zirconia French Milgrain Flat Back
3.5mm Cubic Zirconia Radial Milgrain Flat Back
Gold Petals 14k Gold Clicker Ring

A Storm

Is there anything that exudes power more than a stormy sky filled with rain, lightning, and thunder? If you’re one who loves it when a summer storm rolls through, then this can be the perfect costume for you. All it requires is a little creativity; simply find a black dress or pants and shirt, then pull apart some cotton balls and glue them to your outfit to create clouds. If you have time, find battery-powered twinkle lights to put amongst the cotton balls to emulate the look of lightning. To complete the aesthetic, create a dramatic makeup look, or browse social media for a storm-themed makeup tutorial.

What you need

  • * Black clothing
  • * Cotton balls
  • * A glue gun

Body Jewelry to Match

Lightning Diamond Chain Accessory
Drop Diamond Pave Flat Back Earring
Diamond Pave Lightning Bolt 14k Gold Flat Back Stud

1950s Aging Silent Film Actress

Those who have seen Sunset Boulevard know and love the look. It’s the aesthetic of opulence, desperation, and fading glory. All you need is plenty of pearls and diamonds, a feathered bathrobe, slip-on heels, giant sunglasses, and a stunning dress. As for props, a martini glass and a vintage cigarette filter always provide the perfect touch. Once dressed, fit the character by adding plenty of drama and an air of despair. For a similar, but less tragic, look, you can also go for 1950s starlets. To achieve this look, you’ll still need the stunning dress, vintage cigarette filter, and gorgeous jewelry, but you’ll have the confidence of a rising star rather than the disposition of an actor whose career is over.

What you need

  • * Feathered robe
  • * Costume jewelry
  • * 1950s-style dress
  • * Martini glass


Body Jewelry to Match

4mm Diamond Low-Set Prong 14k Gold Flat Back Stud
Cultured Pearl 14K Gold Twisted Captive Bead Ring
5mm Cultured Pearl 14K Gold Stud Labret

Halloween is a time to get creative with your costumes, so why stick with the standard? Have some fun putting together a costume that starts conversations and allows you to take on a new character. This year, try a new style, and choose from some gorgeous body jewelry options to help you remember the night forever.

Meghan O'Neal

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