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Valentine's Day
By FT Admin 02/03/2017

There is a growing romantic trend that’s growing in popularity across the globe – the act of getting pierced with your special someone. This simple and fun romantic getaway to your local piercing studio is turning into the newest, hottest, most metal-infused aphrodisiac!

Take that, Russell Stover!

Now, of course, there are definitely a few things to consider before getting love pierced. Although this act of romance is way less committal than getting someone’s name tattooed somewhere on your body, there are still some things that you want to consider before you get all lovey-dovey in the piercing parlor.

Piercings are for lovers

Piercing and Sexytime – Words of Caution

Let’s flash-forward through your evening o’ love. If you are planning some serious facetime with your love, then there may be a few piercing options to avoid. I bet you already know which piercing I am about to mention, but just for funsies – let’s say it together: 

The tongue!

Talk about a buzz kill. Sure, the tongue piercing is definitely a hot piercing and has some assumed benefits in the romance department, but if you both get your tongue pierced on your hot day/night out together, you’ll have to spend your date night like a pair of elderly folks in a nursing home, drooling together until the swelling decreases. #NotHot#PlanYourPiercingsWisely

In general, lip piercings are just not a super romantic idea for a date night – the initial pain and swelling can make the make-out sessions a little awkward, so save the labret for another day.

Another lover piercing faux pas is that of our Netherlands. Yup, I’m referencing the lady cave, the love gun, and the fun-bags. Excuse me for my brash terms, but I decided to opt for some euphemisms to keep this article family-friendly…’ish’.

Sure, it could be fun to play a public game of I’ll show you mine if you show me yours in a piercing studio, but the aftermath might not be so fabulously romantic. Fellas and ladies in love – heed this simple warning:

Don’t pierce something, together, that you may want to touch, together, in the next 6-8 weeks.

Just saying.

Now that we’ve gotten the words of caution out of the way, let’s talk about the sweet and romantic love piercings that ARE fun to experience together.

Eyebrow Piercings

One of my all-time favorite piercings is the eyebrow – it’s just so darn versatile. With glam and industrial options, this fiercely fabulous piercing is a great option for couples looking to go under the needle together.

An eyebrow piercing doesn’t run you too high on my tried and true Shot-of-Tequila pain scale, and the aftermath will leave you two love birds relatively unscathed, when it comes to healing time.

Beautiful eyebrow piercing

After you two have healed, here are some awesome eyebrow jewelry options to showcase your love piercings:

Shop barbells, shields, and twisters galore.

The Nose Knows

The scent of love, the aroma of romance, the intoxicating smell of desire – your nose is the gateway to your heart. Well, at least it is for this article. However, if any of you fabulous readers remember, a few months back we highlighted the history of the nose piercing. If you didn’t read that article, then here it is at a super quick glance.

The nose is like a gateway for aphrodisiacs! Not only are your two nostrils huge components for allowing scents to get us in the mood, but the nose piercing has a history of representing two things: fertility in women and a larger asset in a man’s love arsenal. Translation – this is one hot piercing to tackle together! Not only is it low on my tried and true Shot-of-Tequila pain tolerance scale, but it may be the perfect piercing! Not too much, not too little, but oh-so-hot!

Check out some of the adorable nose jewelry you can gift each other as part of this fun date night out – shop nose jewelry here.

Getting Your Ears Pierced Together

Our ears are crazy sensitive; just a brush of a fabric or a whisper in close proximity can give us some sensuously seductive vibes. This is true for both men and women, so why not add this piece of body real-estate to our fabulous list of places to get pierced together!

Maybe you are feeling as though your cartilage needs some metal love, maybe you lovebirds are thinking about stretching your ears.

Whatever your thoughts, the ears offer a myriad of options! There are 14 or so spots on your ear to choose from to pierce, most of which will be relatively low on my tried and true Shot-of-Tequila pain tolerance scale, and will not necessarily get in the way of any future activities that the two of you may engage in throughout your healing time.

Shop gorgeous earrings for guys and gals, from cheap to cha-ching.

Belly Button Piercings for Couples

Sure, this may not be the best piercing for all couples, but for any of our lady lovers that are looking for a fun piercing to get together this Valentine’s Day, it’s a fun one to go for. Navel piercings are always fun and sexy; getting your belly button pierced together, by default, is fun and sexy.

However, before I fully endorse this as an official love piercing, know that the friction created by allowing two belly button piercings to rub against one another in the early hours of being pierced could cause some major discomfort – ladies, you have been warned.

Don’t be shy – surprise your lover with some new belly bling and a trip to the piercing parlor – shop belly button rings here.

Go wild – do something totally different to spice things up. Break the Month of Love’s mold, and ditch the typical present and meal routine. Kick out those heart-shaped boxes of chocolate – well, maybe not totally ditch – those little chocolates with the raspberry filling blow my mind.

Pierced and in love

Make a date with your special someone and profess your love, or at least you like to each other, by getting pierced together! Not only will you two lucky-in-love folks share an amazing experience, but you will emerge the next day with a fierce piercing to showcase for all the world to see.   

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