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By Meghan O'Neal 07/10/2019

When it’s time to get a new piercing, the question, “Which piercing should I get next?” can feel like an impossible one to answer. There are so many piercing types to choose from that it’s hard to limit yourself to just one!

Many considerations should go into making this decision, including your body’s anatomy, which piercing you received last, healing times, and health concerns. Today, we’re throwing that out the window in favor of a personality quiz.

Which piercing should you get next? Let’s find out!

1. It’s Friday night! Where are you?

A. Probably grabbing a glass of wine with a friend or snuggling at home to read

B. In the car with my four best friends on my way to a weekend adventure

C. Watching YouTube videos about the immigration crisis in the U.S.

D. Either watching the sunset on a beach with my friends or wishing I were

E. In the center of the dance floor of my favorite club

F. At a concert in a small, divey venue watching my favorite band that I’m convinced no one knows about (but they all do).

G. At a concert in a small, divey venue watching my favorite band, and I couldn’t care less who knows them because I’m having fun.

2. Where do you prefer to vacation?

A. A small bed and breakfast in a cute, quiet town near some antique shops

B. Anywhere the adventure takes me… as long as I’m the one planning it

C. Somewhere family-friendly with ethical tourism practices.

D. The beach. Any beach.

E. Someplace safe for solo travel with lots of new people to meet

F. Anywhere with a good underground music scene.

G. A city with good music, nice walking paths, and maybe some alternative tourism options

3. What was your favorite subject in school?

A. English. I love to read.

B. AP Government. I love learning how leadership and government works

C. Current Events. I love knowing what’s going on in the world and learning how to make it better

D. Any subject that had a teacher who would sometimes teach class outside.

E. Drama. I love getting to show off what I can do!

F. The bus ride home. High school suckzzzz

G. In high school, I probably would have said that school sucks, but I secretly looked forward to art class.

4. How do you feel about getting performance reviews at work?

A. Mine are always good, but I always feel nervous before I get them.

B. I’m one of those weirdos who love them! I’m always looking for ways to improve.

C. I understand the necessity, but I take them with a grain of salt.

D. Ughhhhh… They’d be better if they were outside. Just get me out of this office already!

E. I don’t have a strong opinion either way. I know that I rock my job, and my performance reviews always reflect that.

F. Efff that. If you don’t like what I do, fire me. I don’t care.

G. I’ve had them before, but I’d rather be in an office with less of a hierarchy.

5. In general, what is your opinion of body piercings?

A. I used to think they made you look unprofessional, but I’m starting to like them more.

B. I love the individual expression! Bring them on!

C. I think they look super cute, but I’m unsure about whether body piercings would be accepted in all of my social groups.

D. So cute! Especially sparkly jewelry. (I love how it looks in the sunshine!)

E. I love anything that encourages confidence in one’s body.

F. Who cares? No one should be able to tell you what you can or can’t do with your body.

G. I love the idea of showing a bit of a rebellious side.

The Results

Mostly As – Dainty cartilage piercing

You prefer to quietly shine. Never craving the spotlight, you are happy to simply chill with friends and go with the flow. Although you aren’t often the center of attention, your presence is always felt and appreciated, and you are a key part to any outing.

Like your personality, your style begs for something more unique than a standard lobe piercing, but not as loud as some cartilage piercing choices. A tragus piercing, anti-tragus piercing, inner conch piercing, or forward helix piercing with dainty jewelry styles is the perfect addition to your look. These styles will stand out simply because they’re unique—just like you.

Mostly Bs – Bold cartilage piercing

You’re one who likes to take charge. When someone throws out an idea, you run with it. It’s not difficult to get you excited about a big project; you love making things happen, and you thrive in leadership positions. Whether at work or with your friends, you’re the driver who moves things forward.

Bold cartilage piercings are perfect for you. You need a piercing that allows intricate and unique jewelry styles that really stand out. A daith piercing, orbital piercing, or auricle piercing (decorated with an ear cuff or shield) are perfect for you. Bonus: you’ll get to go for a bold look without affecting your career prospects (which are incredibly important to you).

Mostly Cs – Nostril piercing

You’re the quiet rebel. You might have grown up, gotten a job, and become what your teenage self might have called a “square,” but your adult responsibilities haven’t fully killed the rebellious spirit inside of you. (You probably still send around petitions and volunteer at refugee camps every once in a while to curb your lust for political activism.)

You should get a nostril piercing. These piercings have recently joined the ranks of those widely accepted even by conservative groups, so you can rock your nostril piercing in any social circle. Just like you, the nostril piercing has adopted the best of both worlds.

Mostly Ds – Belly button piercing

In your mind, summer is the only season. You always have a sun-kissed look, and you love being in the sunshine, whether for work or for play. You have a hard time staying inside, and you’d always rather be drinking mai tais on a beach.

You would rock a belly button piercing. Belly piercings appear when the sun comes out and everyone is ready for a good time, and that’s when you thrive. Even while beneath the fluorescent lights in your office, your new belly piercing will remind you of beach days to come.

Mostly Es – Nipple piercing

You exude confidence. When it comes to showing off your body, you have no qualms. People tend to look up to you because of your confidence, but many lack the courage it takes. You are you, and nobody can change that.

You should get a nipple piercing. The bold look of a nipple piercing sticking out of a tight t-shirt shows that you’re not ashamed of your body and dares people to disapprove, just like you do. It takes some guts to get a nipple piercing, but if anyone can do it, you can!

Mostly Fs – Bite Piercing

You’re a rebel til you die. You’ve never been concerned with appearing a certain way. You’re just you. You might get your nails professionally done now, but they’re still black. You have a career, but you’ve chosen one that embraces your alternative lifestyle; no one will ever tell you what to do.

You should get a bite piercing. These multiple lip piercings present a bold look at the center of your face, impossible to be ignored. Bite piercings offer a fashion statement that says, “I can pierce whatever I want.” You can choose double piercing styles like dolphin bites, cyber bites, or spider bites, or go bolder with shark bites or canine bites.

Mostly Gs – Dainty lip piercing

As a teenager, you hung out with the punk crowd, but you still liked pink, floral prints, and dresses. Today, you’re no less rebellious, and you’ve learned to accept your girlier side. When people look at you, they’d never guess that you have a messenger bag covered in safety pins and Anarchy patches in your closet at home (and it’s still your favorite bag).

You need a dainty lip piercing. A cute charm or gemstone sparkling out of a Monroe, Madonna, or Medusa piercing looks pretty with a sundress or black t-shirt and ripped jeans (plus, they’re named after some badass women). Like you, dainty lip piercings are cute, pretty, and exude an undeniable edginess.

Shop your style!

Now you know your perfect piercing, it’s time to shop for it! Here are some of our favorites.

Meghan O'Neal

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