Here’s a brain-buster…literally:
One in five people suffer from chronic migraine headaches.
Sure, you’re probably saying, “What the hell does this have to do with me dating Daith?” I get it! Slow your roll! Let me explain…
First off, let’s meet Daith – well, how about if I start by giving you some of Daith’s STATS:

  • Cute…really cute!
  • Loves to caress your ear
  • Looks amazing with anything and everything
  • Loves to be close to you…really close!
  • Doesn’t want to leave your side
  • Just feels right!
  • Super spiritual
  • Leads a Zen lifestyle of hope, peace, and tranquility

daith image1

Sounds pretty amazing, right? Of course Daith does…Daith is a piercing that has an incredible close feel and offers about a million reasons why it could be considered the ‘perfect piercing’! Let’s first chat about Daith: this intimately close piercing passes straight through that little curvy thing in the middle of your ear, where your ear lobe attaches to the rest of your face.

Pronounced “day-th”, this piercing isn’t just a hole through the lobe…no, no, no! This is a style of piercing that has a metaphysical origin…the look of the emerging ring must appear and be placed a certain way for it to be considered true Daith! Pretty heavy, huh?! Well…I still think Daith is a romantic!


Many people choose this piercing because it looks cool – hell, I did! But, turns out that there is a huge trend emerging for this technique that has a mystical, spiritual vibe! Take a look at the top 3 reasons to choose a Daith piercing:

  1. CURES MIGRAINES!! Not kidding…well, at least I don’t think that I’m kidding?! Turns out that DAITH piercings have the ability to cure chronic migraines! Ever have one of these things plague your day? I would relate them to being plowed over by a semi, where you lose your peripheral sight and then the will to live. I would equate migraines to the works of Satan himself, where he is having quite the time jamming your brain with his pitch-fork. Bad news…evil, dare I say! However, DAITH piercings have been
    said to alleviate these brain-smashing headaches. Is there any credibility to this claim? I don’t know…but I do know that I never had a migraine when that sweet, little silver hoop was placed where the helix of my ear ended! Just saying.
  2. THERE ARE SO MANY COOL EARRINGS TO FILL THAT HOLE!!! If there was ever one piercing that got the most attention, it would have to be this one! The opportunities to accessorize the side of your head are infinite! Check out some of our best options: MYSTICAL (and budget friendly) CHOICES FOR YOUR DAITH.
  3. YOU’LL LOOK TRANSCENDENTAL AND AMAZING! Daith piercings take the Tragus piercing and rock its world! Sure, there are a ton of people that rock the Tragus piercing and look fierce, however, how many times have you actually seen someone with this zen-induced piercing? Chances are, slim to none. So, start a trend…get transcendental!!

daith piercing 2

A date with DAITH couldn’t be more in the stars for you, if you are considering an inner-ear piercing! Potentially, it could battle migraines like She-Ra; it could place you on a spiritual plateau where you can reach infinite mental clarity; or…Daith could just be really cool to show off to your friends!! Bottom line – give Daith a chance! What’s the worst that can happen? #Namaste

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