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Woman With Daith Piercing
By FT Admin 01/22/2020

When you’re playing with the idea of getting a new piercing, it can feel a little bit like going on a date. Could you see yourself with this piercing for years to come? Can you live with this piercing every day? Is it a piercing that you can take home to meet the parents? Should you put a ring on it?

Today, we’re going to talk about whether or not a daith piercing could be your next piercing partner. Are you and the daith piercing compatible? Is the daith a permanent commitment, or would it be more of a one night stand? Is it love, or is it lust?

A few things about the daith

The mystery of the daith piercing begins with the name. While it seems clear that, following normal pronunciation rules, the daith piercing should be pronounced “DAYTH,” there is a passionate group that claims that the correct pronunciation is “DOTH.” The latter pronunciation comes from the inventor of the piercing himself, however, we don’t blame you if you struggle to accept the strange pronunciation; we know that we do, too.

The daith piercing takes place in the thick cartilage right above your ear canal. Since it goes through such a thick piece of cartilage, it’s not a great piercing for beginners. The pain shouldn’t be much greater than other cartilage piercings, but the pressure and the sound of the needle passing through the area could be a little disconcerting; people have been known to faint.

You might be compatible with a daith piercing if you enjoy bold jewelry pieces that stand out. You’re one who prefers alternative styles over the norm, and you’re not afraid to take the road less traveled. You’re brave enough to undergo that disconcerting crunch in the name of a super cute piercing. 

The daith piercing is bold and requires a bold person in order to make it shine.

Three reasons to consider the daith piercing

On the fence? It’s understandable. With so many piercing choices these days, you might be hesitant to settle. Here are some unique things about the daith piercing to let you know whether or not it’s “the one.”

1. It could help relieve migraines

We’d like to begin by saying that there is no scientific evidence to support this point, however, anecdotal evidence abounds.

Many have claimed that their daith piercing helps relieve migraines, even those suffering from chronic migraine pain. The daith is home to an acupuncture point that’s used to relieve headaches and migraines. The theory is that when you pierce this area, it constantly activates this acupuncture point. 

woman has a headache

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the daith piercing can relieve migraine pain.

While there are tons of people who claim that their daith piercings brought pain relief, most professionals agree that it’s likely a placebo effect. But, does that really matter if it works? We say no. 

The worst-case scenario is that you still have migraine pain, but you also have a super cute piercing.

2. You can wear some really cool jewelry

Piercing your daith allows you to fill your inner ear with some pretty extravagant hoop choices.

Depending on the size of your inner ear, you can get wild with some fun clicker rings, or even just decorate it with captive bead rings featuring opals or pearls. 

If you love the beaded look, you can choose circular barbells or curved barbells as well. There’s really no way that you can go wrong with a daith piercing.

The daith piercing is always a fantastic addition to a cartilage party. Whether you have a few dainty helix studs or have already filled your cartilage with bling, the daith piercing adds a unique aesthetic that is sure to stand out.

3. It’s still relatively uncommon

These days, it seems as though everyone has cartilage piercings. These piercing types are super cute and more readily accepted by society, so many people have opted for them in the past few years. The daith, however, remains one of the less common cartilage piercing choices.

If you crave to stand out, then the daith piercing could be the perfect piercing for you. Whether you get one or both ears pierced in this fashion, people are sure to notice.

The daith piercing is perfect for those wanting something new and unusual. If you’re still unsure about whether or not the daith piercing is your next match made in heaven, check out these super cute jewelry options, and you might be convinced.

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