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Woman With Tongue Piercing
By Meghan O'Neal 01/14/2020

With body piercing popularity at an all-time high, you might be among the many who are considering taking the plunge into the body jewelry world. After all, body piercings offer a fantastic way to show off your individual style in a pretty badass way.

But, not everyone wants a piercing that they always have to show off. In this case, you might be more drawn to piercings that you can easily hide.

One of these piercing types could be a tongue piercing. Although the tongue has multiple nerve endings that will limit the placement of your piercing, there are actually a few different tongue piercing types you can get—the standard tongue piercing, the horizontal surface tongue piercing, the tongue web piercing, the side tongue piercing—that you can still get creative with piercing choices. 

However, stigma often surrounds the tongue piercing. It’s still considered a more alternative piercing, and because of this, you might be a little concerned about getting a tongue piercing.

If you’re thinking about the tongue piercing, but you’re not entirely sure it’s for you, here are a few things to consider.

1. It could affect your speech

Almost everyone who has a tongue piercing has reported that in the first few days to weeks after they received their piercing, they had to learn how to talk around the new jewelry. This meant that they slurred their words, clacked the jewelry against their teeth, played with their jewelry when they weren’t talking, or a combination of all three.

While many people are able to re-learn how to talk around the new jewelry, often making the tongue piercing hardly noticeable, some people are never able to learn this skill and have a noticeable lisp for as long as they wear the jewelry.

Two women whispering

While many people get used to their tongue piercing, some people never learn how to talk around their jewelry.

If you’re the type who tends to absentmindedly play with things with your tongue, like retainers or skin tags, then you’ll likely play with your tongue jewelry. We’ve all known someone with a tongue piercing who clacks their jewelry against their teeth or otherwise messes with their jewelry during a conversation. This habit can be annoying to some, so if you know if you’re the type who might play with your jewelry, then you might want to consider another hidden piercing.

2. It could affect your oral health

Any jewelry in or around your mouth can affect your oral health. If your tongue jewelry is too big, it could rub against your teeth, causing enamel wear, or you could accidentally chomp on it, leading to broken teeth. 

Beyond tooth health, you need to make sure that your jewelry stays clean. Tongue jewelry can accumulate plaque and other nastiness, and you want to make sure that your jewelry stays clean so that you stay healthy and your breath stays fresh.

3. It can make things exciting in the bedroom

Now that we’ve brought the mood down with two negative considerations, let’s focus on a possible plus of the tongue piercing: the sexual implications.

A Couple in Bed

Many people with tongue piercings report that it contributes to a more exciting sexual experience.

Many who have a tongue piercing have reported that the jewelry helps their partner achieve extra sensation during oral sex. The beaded jewelry helps create more excitement in the bedroom, and hey, who can say no to that?

4. If you choose the right jewelry, it won’t be too noticeable

Tongue piercings can be tricky because they’re sometimes more noticeable than you might think. However, if you learn how to properly talk around the piercing and choose jewelry that’s clear or flesh colored, your jewelry can possibly go unnoticed.

If your main reason for getting your tongue pierced is to have an undetectable piercing, you might not want to count on it; as mentioned previously, not everyone can learn how to talk around the jewelry or leave the jewelry alone. However, if you’re able to learn these skills, it is possible to discreetly sport a tongue piercing.

5. It’s badass without being too loud

As we get older, our tastes might shift toward more high-quality, luxurious styles, but we don’t always want to get rid of the young rebel within us. A tongue piercing can offer the perfect mixture.

If you choose a piece of beautiful 14k gold jewelry featuring a pearl or a gemstone, you can beautifully decorate your piercing while embracing its badassery, embracing the best of both the world of youthful rebellion and that of the responsible adult.

We think that tongue piercings are fantastic, but they aren’t always for everyone. Before you get a tongue piercing, think about whether it will be an asset to your style or a distraction in your mouth, and do your research to find a good piercer who can help you decide the right tongue piercing style for you. After you’ve done your research and made your full considerations, you’ll be left with an awesome piercing that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Meghan O'Neal

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