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At last you have found the perfect store to shop for your fine piercing jewelry from the comfort of your own home. At FreshTrends we design and create custom body jewelry from solid 14k gold and platinum. We are a small business located in Palm Beach, Florida dedicated to making high quality gold body jewelry that you will never want to take off.

Dallas Foster
By Kat

It was Senior Skip day and I was going to get my septum pierced.  I knew that I had to keep it a secret from my mom, she would not approve of me having a big facial piercing that made me look “like a bull”, as she put it.  Thankfully that day my friend and I were going to town alone. I called around to the different shops in town trying to find the best price.  The shop that I wanted to go to, their piercer wasn’t in for the day.  Another shop was closed, the shop after that was charging too much, left one shop a message.  We went and ran our errands, and tried other shops. We were nearing the end of our time limit for being in town and I was starting to get really disappointed.  I knew that if I didn’t get this piercing today I wouldn’t have another opportunity.  As we headed home, the shop that I left a message for called back.  He was the right price and sounded like a good guy.  His shop was about 15 minutes away, off we went.

I was really nervous, this was a major piercing for me.  Yes I already had piercings but only general ones, my ears, my nostril, and my labret.  This was going to be my first professional piercing.  We finally got to the shop and my heart was beating like a drum.  I told the piercer what I wanted and he had me fill out the papers that were required.  Everything was very sanitary and in its respective packaging.  He explained what he was gonna do and how the procedure would go.  Then he had me sit in a chair that looked like the one dentists use.  I was so nervous that I had my friend hold my hand, I was squeezing hard before anything even happened.  It was time.

He placed a metal tube up to my nose for the needle to thread into, then came the needle.  It wasn’t terribly huge but intimidating as it came up to my face.  He said “Take a deep breath”, as I breathed in he shoved the needle through my septum. I jumped because I wasn’t expecting that big of a pinch, he told me to “Hold still”.  A big crocodile tear slid out of my eye as he slid the jewelry in.  Then he said I could relax now because we were all done.  He gave me a mirror to look at and as I looked into that mirror I saw my first professional piercing!  I did it, I had my septum pierced!  I thanked him, paid and headed home.  As we neared home, I flipped it up to hide it from my mom.  I felt exhilarated, I had taken the plunge and gotten an awesome piercing!

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