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By Laurrel Allison 07/14/2017

Double flare plugs are ideal for someone who has gone through all the time and trouble of stretching out their gauges and letting their gauges heal. They differ from single flare plugs, which are geared more towards those who are still easing into their goal gauge. Both double and single flare plugs come in a wide array for the fashion-conscious.

Double Flare Styles


Double flare plugs come in many different styles and materials. Tunnels, hangers/spirals, and tapers are all popular choices of plugs. Each of these styles can come in stainless steel, silicon, acrylic, stone, glass, titanium, as well as wood. Each material has its own benefits and drawbacks. Stainless steel has been known to be a sturdy contender within the market. However, some people are allergic to this metal. A gentle contrast to stainless steel would be titanium. It’s lighter than stainless steel and is far gentler on sensitive skin. Silicon is comfortable to wear but can attract dirt more easily than other materials. Luckily, plugs are quick and easy to clean! Wood is a beautiful choice and can come in ranges of elegant designs and carvings. But one must oil this style frequently and avoid wearing it in the shower. Wood expands and wooden plugs can damage ears if worn in wet conditions.

Cubic Zirconia Surgical Steel Spiral Taper Plugs

Blue & Black Illusion Pyrex Glass Hanger Plugs

Deep Green Glass Double Flare Faceted Ear Plugs

Organic Sabo Wood Rabbit Turtle Reversible Double Flare Plugs

Black Ornate Filigree Stainless Steel Tunnel Plugs

Single Flare Styles


If you are still actively engaged in achieving your goal size, single flare plugs are the best option. Double flare plugs typically have small lips, or flares, on either side of the plug. These lips help keep the plug in place. With single flare plugs, there’s only one lip on the front part of the plug. The back side has a rubber o-ring which secures the plug in place. Single flare plugs are good for those working on increasing their gauge’s size because it doesn’t add any undue stress to the earlobe upon insertion. Just make sure you have the correct plug size for your gauges!

Mookaite Jasper Single Flare Stone Plugs

Black & Yellow Honeycomb Glass Single Flare Plugs

Pastel Peacock Surgical Steel Single Flare Plugs

Galaxy Glass Single Flare Plugs

Prong-Set Large CZ Single Flare Plugs

Newcomers Be Warned


Acrylic, silicone, and organic materials are not healthy choices for freshly stretched gauges. The reasoning for this is because the aforementioned materials are porous and could cause irritation. This does not combine well with ears undergoing stretching. While small tears may appear in the ear, skin could become stuck to the plug.

Sliding into Position


Upon inserting a new plug, the wearer must be gentle with their gauges. It’s best to take a hot shower or massage a few drops of lubricating oil on each earlobe. This will help avoid any tears from placing the plug.

Laurrel Allison

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