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By Laurrel Allison 07/26/2017

Barbells come in different shapes, lengths, and sizes. Just to name a few, they could be used for industrial, tragus, and tongue piercings. With so many people excited to add different piercings and creative body piercers down for it, there have been more and more unique piercings added to the repertoire. Here are some which specifically incorporate various styles of barbells. 

1. Curved Industrial, Multiple Cartilage, and More


Piercings can come with so much personality, adding to your own. It’s also important to realise that one cannot have too many piercings… Rather, one runs out of room to place them. 

2. Daith


Whether it’s just a temporary resident for a new piercing or a more permanent one, circular barbells can sit comfortably in the daith piercing. 

3. Forward Helix & Conch


If you’ve got a handful of piercings, why not dress them up? Circle barbells can look dainty or dynamite depending on how you choose to feature them. 

4. Rook 


A rook piercing with a curved barbell does the trick nicely. 

5. Forward Helix


Forward helix piercings— while looking quite elegant— are notorious for the amount of pain and time they take to heal. Though barbells are definitely the better choice for healing purposes, some may opt out for more petite studs once the piercing has completely mended. 

6. Rook & Forward Helix


Rook piercings are cute. Forward helix piercings are cute. Why not both?

7. Conch


Personally, I am so in love with conch piercings. I know it’s easily on my to-do list. Seeing body piercers place barbells so flawlessly makes me fall even more in love. 

8. Inverse Navel


Although it’s more common to have the upper part of the navel pierced, there’s no fault in choosing to pierce the lower part (also known as inverse navel) instead. I’ve never been keen on long, dangling belly button jewelry. It seems that I am not alone in preferring jewelry with a minimalistic look. Belly button piercings featuring circular barbells showcase simplicity in such a charming fashion. 

9. Double Navel


There are actually a few different ways one could have a double navel piercing. You could have them lined up vertically or meet at a point diagonally (like above) as either a regular belly button piercing or an inverse one. 

10. Double Nipple


Yeah, nipple piercings are pretty cool. But how about a double nipple piercing like the man featured?

11. Auricle 


No… Not “oracle”. Although they do sound quite similar. Your auricle is the visible, outer part of your ear. And auricle piercings are typically done around the middle bit of that part. It has a ton of nerve endings, so many shy away from piercing this area. But for those undeterred, it makes for an awesome spot to add on fun circular barbells or other sorts of body jewelry!

12. Anti-Tragus


The anti-tragus piercing is far less common than the tragus. Once healed, the anti-tragus looks swell with short-bar barbells, rings, or other sorts of fitting body jewelry. 

13. Double Tongue


Though tongue piercings are fairly popular, the duo version is rather uncommon. Tongues typically begin swelling directly after being pierced. The further back the piercing sits on the tongue, the more swelling could occur. However, tongue piercings heal up pretty quickly. How expressive and discreet you wish to be with this sort of piercing is entirely up to you!

Laurrel Allison

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