Facial dermal piercings

Dermal piercing trends are blowing up right now, and people are finding all kinds of sexy new ways to rock these tiny little gems, in a whooooole lot of exciting new places. We’ll keep it PG in this post, but, well, feel free to let your imagination run wild.


Sternum Dermal Piercings


Collarbone Dermal Piercings



Hip Dermal Piercing


Facial Dermal Piercings


Lower Back Dimple Dermal Piercings


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Back of the Neck/Nape Dermal Piercings



Wedding Ring Dermal Piercings


Dermal Piercings Behind the Ear

It’s all about taking chances, and just going after what your heart truly wants and that’s what brings true happiness. Always remember to be bold, be brave. Take this lovely gal for instance, getting a very creative approach on some micro dermal piercings done by our amazing @steve.thepiercer! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #bodyjewelry #bodypiercings #piercings #bodymodification #jewelry #berkeley #piercingshop #bayareapiercings #bodymod #fancyjewelry #jewelryoftheday #jotd #jewelrygram #jewelryaddict #bayareapiercers #zebraberkeley #zebratattooandpiercing #legitbodyjewelry #microdermal #microdermalpiercings #dermals #micodermals #dermalpiercings #girlswithpiercings #implantjewelry #implantpiercings

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Belly Button Dermal Piercings


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Dermal Piercings in Wrists, Arms, and Hands



What Are Dermal Piercings?


Dermal piercings are completely sexy, bold piercings with no visible barbell. Instead, a tiny anchor is embedded under the skin, and a little gem is screwed into place, so that the only thing visible is the gem itself.

Dermal piercings can be quite painful to get, but can be placed almost anywhere, and are SUPER easy to hide at work. If you’re looking for a subtle, sexy piercing that works with any look, you can learn more about getting, healing, and rocking dermal piercings here.


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