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Ever hear the phrase less is more? I disagree wholeheartedly with that phrase in so many different ways. More dessert? Sure. More Netflix? Duh. More Channing Tatum? Um, I’m not even answering that; it’s an obvious YES. So without hesitation, when it comes to the idea of adding more jewelry to your earlobes, more is way more fun!  

Let’s talk helix.  

What is a Helix Piercing?

Simply put – helix piercings are way cooler earring options than those that you can score at your local mall’s Piercing Pagoda!

The helix has a pretty confusing location description if you ever want to Google it – filled with all kinds of words like perimeter, cartilaginous, perforation, blah, blah, blah. Any word with more than three syllables makes my eyes cross, so let me give you my version of that location description – it’s the top, outside edge of your ear; it’s the place where you point to and say, “I’d like my cartilage pierced, please,” when you confidently walk into your very well researched, clean, and highly reputable local piercing studio.

When you trace the top line of your ear that connects to your face all the way to the middle of your ear until it connects to your lobes – those are the prime helix piercing locations.

types of piercings

What’s the Difference Between a Helix Piercing and a Cartilage Piercing?

So here’s where the confusion usually sets in – just what the heck is the difference between a cartilage piercing and a helix piercing? Well, technically, they’re one and the same.

A cartilage piercing is a pretty general term, and can be used to describe any piercing that goes through cartilage, from your nostril to your daith. A helix piercing is any piercing along that outside rim of your ear, and it’s also a cartilage piercing.

Get it?

Where To Get a Helix Piercing

When I became earring obsessed in the 90’s, I wanted to pierce the heck out of my ears. More specifically, I wanted an obscene amount of little hoops to line the helix portion of each ear. I was two years shy of that glorious age of adulthood, and I couldn’t convince my parents to drop me off at a tattoo/piercing studio with a crisp, signed consent form, so I had to find an alternative.

Wandering aimlessly through the hallowed corridors of my local mall, I saw the light of heaven shining down on a little kiosk – I think angels may have been gloriously singing, too? I counted my hard-earned cash from some babysitting gigs and approached the counter.

“Two piercings, please.”

Sitting on a swivel bar stool with a Sharpie dot at the top curvature of each of my ears, I was giddy with the anticipation of adding more studs to my growing earring family. However, here is where my word of caution is flawlessly entered into this anecdote: trying to use the piercing gun to place my earrings where I wanted them to reside was just plain amateur.

Hearing the sound of the piercing gun, and feeling my ear get super warm – I knew the deed was done. However, the piercing gun and the stud were stuck in my ear. Yup, that’s right – I was attached to a glamorous version of a glorified staple gun…in the middle of the mall…with someone that probably just started working at a kiosk that pierced ears. Don’t get me wrong, you can get your cartilage pierced at a kiosk in the mall. Is it a great idea? Not so much if you’re trying to get a helix piercing.

Need more proof? As a naive teen, after the gun was disassembled and removed from the side of my ear, I thought, “Hey, let’s try the other ear.” Lightning doesn’t strike the same spot twice, right? Oh, sweet, sweet, young, naive Mandy.

Second ear, second attempt at cartilage piercing through the densest part of my helix region – second time a gun and a stud got stuck in my ear.

See a pattern developing here? Heed my warning, those of you that are (or quickly becoming) pierced obsessed.


What is the takeaway from this tale? Simple. Don’t rely on a piercing gun at a kiosk, when you need a needle javelin puncture from a pro! Helix piercings are, indeed, cartilage piercings. Don’t underestimate, though, how much cartilage is in those cute ears of yours. Go to a piercing studio – get it done by a pro.

Ways to Rock a Helix Piercing

helix piercing

Now that you have been forewarned about the importance of getting your helix done right, let’s talk style options!

Single Helix

Sometimes just a single, simply-stated piercing in the upper quadrant of your ear is perfect. I get it! It’s kind of like sneaking a little bit of rebellion into your everyday life. Allowing a single helix piercing to be the belle of the ball, or the stud in the corral, is always a welcomed fashion ‘yes’!

Here are a few single helix looks to fawn over:

trailing stud single helix piercing

helix cartilage piercing

single helix piercing with circular barbell

Double Helix

Anyone remember those old-school Doublemint Gum commercials with all the different twins?! If you are laughing as you say, “Oh my gosh, YES!” and are humming the song in your head (or aloud) – then you understand how doubling your pleasure can double your fun!  

The same situation applies when you double up on your helix piercings! Adding just one more hoop, stud, or whatever your little heart desires can completely change up your look.

Check out a few of these fun styles and looks:

double helix piercing with twist

Wanna add some industrial to your look? Try a barbell through the middle of a helix and a front helix piercing. You’ll definitely grab some stares as you double your fun on that piercing! Check out these double helix looks:

helix piercing with industrial bar

double helix piercing with industrial bar and tunnels

Triple Helix

Now we’re talking! I am a junkie for the helix – there is about a ⅛ of an inch available on each ear that’s not covered in metal. Triple helix piercings are for those that need more bling in their ears!

triple helix cartilage piercing


Whether you single, double, or triple up on your helix piercings, you are part of a community that digs your look! Choose just one helix to make a subtle statement; choose two to catch some serious attention; choose three or more to blow minds with piercing awesomeness!

Our ears may be kinda small, in comparison to the rest of us, but there are all kinds of real estate options to be considered when thinking about piercing those two cute body parts.

Whatever you do, don’t let those holes stay bare – get your helix piercing jewelry here.

What kind of helix piercings are you rocking right now?

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