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I’m set on debunking the myth behind personalities that are associated with body piercings.  Yes, this means that most people out there with more than
one body piercing are not associated with some goth group or an all-black wearing cult.  And no, just because someone wears a pair of simple diamond studs, does not automatically make her a “good little girl”.  ~Sigh

Just like every other fashion statement that ever existed, what someone wears is usually simply a matter of that person liking it.  And while there are some instances when a person does identify with the perceived personality put forth by wearing something specific, it’s not usually the case.  So, I thought it’d be interesting to point out a few perceived personalities versus their real life counter parts.

Belly bling not a rebellious thing

While you can easily find a ton of celebrities, usually hot chicks who love to show off their sexy abs, wearing sparkly little belly bling – it does not mean that there is a rebellious nature behind each navel ring.  I can think of many people who are laid back, relaxed and the furthest thing from “show offs” who simply just like having their navel pierced.  If not only that, then they enjoy the piercings within the confines of their own circle of friends, etc.  To imply that people who have body piercings are loud in nature or rebellious people is simply ridiculous!

Stacks of hoops do not mean “throw you for a loop”

Like Dennis Rodman with his infinite number of hoop piercings – the assumption is that all people who have opted for that style of lip piercing are going to share the same outwardly brash façade as Dennis.  The last thing most people with lip piercings want to do is play games.  Some people choose piercings on their lips because they feel it enhances their looks or that they want to put some added emphasis on that part of their face.  Others go for lip piercings because it heightens their partner’s sexual pleasure – an entirely private phenomenon and nothing whatsoever like the very publicly showy basketball megastar.  Either way, flashy facial piercings do not symbolize heavily stereotyped behavior that goes along with them.

A Tongue ring is not a Sex Thing

Tongue rings are popular with younger people, getting a tongue piercing is just one of those ‘cool’ things to do.  It has nothing to do with much else.  Even though tongue rings are considered a “sexual piercing”, it doesn’t mean that they are doing anything except trying to look cool.  It is a common mistake to think people who have opted to have their body pierced in a location other than the seemingly “tame” and “socially acceptable” earlobes.

A stud in her nose does not make her a “know-it-all”

People with nose piercings have been thought to be bossy, loud, self-absorbed or pushy.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Following the pattern of stereotypes versus reality, when it comes to how people twist the truth about others with piercings, yes there may be some know-it-alls who have piercings – but the reverse is certainly not true; everyone with piercings is NOT a know-it-all.

Privately pierced not perversely into pleasure

Well, not all the time, anyway.  The most asinine assumption I’ve ever heard is that people get their genitals pierced because they are over-sexed.  Ok, I give you this:  sexual pleasure can most likely be enhanced when there is a tiny little smooth metal object added into the mix, but to lump those with piercings in private places with sex-crazed fanatics, is plainly wrong.

Even though the general attitude about body modifications has changed for the better, the positive shift in attitude is still often met with simple cases of sheltered misunderstanding.  In other words, some people just don’t know better.  So, in short, while there may be many people with piercingly harsh personalities – having body jewelry is not the reason for their perceived abrasiveness or brash personalities.  Their temperament is entirely independent of the chosen fashion statements they make.

There.  Myth debunked.

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2 Replies to “A Piercing Personality; Nothing To Do With Body Piercings”

ashley, 16 May 2011

i loveeee this
im getting my tongue done soon… but im really scarred…

Dallas, 02 Oct 2011

I love this, people need to stop stereotyping piercings. And, to the girl getting her tongue pierced, mine did not hurt one bit.

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