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From sweet cherubs to evil-looking dragons, crosses and swords to hearts and flowers, celebrities’ tattoos have long been a subject for much interest. Like the rest of us they too have searched for meaningful ways to permanently tattoo their bodies – children’s birthdays, anyone? – and made the mistake of tattooing lovers’ names onto their arms – only to have to remove them after a messy break-up in the public eye. But carefully placed, unusual tattoos can add hugely to the sex appeal of a star. We check out the five sexiest stars who have inked to impress…

Megan Fox is pretty much what you would call the epitome of sexiness. Her tattoos are testament to the slightly wild side of her personality, the look-at-me quality that makes her so successful at staying in the spotlight. Her most prominent tattoo is an entire sentence that is positioned down the side of her ribcage, ‘there once was a girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART’. She also has a portrait of her idol Marilyn Monroe on her forearm and a King Lear quote on her back, ‘We will all laugh at gilded butterflies’. There are apparently nine tattoos in all (including one of her boyfriend Brian‘s name), though the public have only been treated to the sight of seven of them…

David Beckham
has a collection of tattoos so vast and varied that on any other star would have ruined their chances for endorsements and advertising forever. For gorgeous footballer Beckham, however, the opposite seems to have happened – he is even more popular, not just with fans but with sponsors as well. Though the tattoos cover both his arms and large parts of his torso and back, most are about his wife and children, with all three boys’ names in positions of prominence, and a portrait of his wife along with her name in Hindi. He also sports romantic phrases like ‘Forever by your side’ and ‘So that I love and cherish’.

Anna Kournikova
, arguably the sexiest woman to ever hit the tennis courts, has a rare blend of blonde wholesomeness and sultry raw appeal.

Though this semi-retired player is all bouncy sweetness in her tennis whites, underneath is a darker side, and this is reflected in her taste for tattoos. Though she hasn’t chosen to cover herself in them, she has a large and perfectly placed tattoo of the sun in her lower back which made its ‘debut’ at the Australian Open in 2003. In this case though, less is more, and that one gorgeous tat speaks volumes about her personal style and attitude.

Actor and producer Jonny Depp had enough sex appeal even before the tattoos appeared, but there’s no denying they give a fascinating insight into his personality, as they all reflect a certain sentimentality. His most famous one is the one he has had changed – the words ‘Winona Forever’, a tribute to his ex-girlfriend. It now read ‘Wino Forever’. He also both children’s names in separate tattoos, ‘Lily-Rose’ written over his heart, and a sparrow flying over water with his son’s name ’Jack’. His mother’s name ‘Betty Sue’ also features, and he has a large tattoo of a Cherokee Indian chief to represent his ancestral heritage.

How could any list of sexy stars with tattoos be complete without Angelina Jolie? This celeb sports a total of 13 tattoos, and we’re not talking the hearts and angels kind. Each tattoo means something special and most are symbolic of a member of her family. Her decision
to ink the co-ordinates of her children’ places of birth (on her left arm) and the Khmer prayer which is a tribute to Cambodian son Maddox (shoulder) have been well documented. She also sports tiny letters to represent her dead mother and her brother.

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