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From Child Star to Hollywood A-lister

Who doesn’t love the kooky sweetheart of film Drew Barrymore? From her early debut as a star, through a troubled childhood and a struggle with addiction, Drew has emerged a confident, successful actress and producer with real presence in Hollywood. And just as her career has ebbed and flowed, her look has changed with each era. Here we chronicle Drew’s journey of style through the years.

Drew Barrymore made her big screen debut at the age of four but her rise to fame began three years later after what was to become one of her best-known roles of all time – that of Gertie in the film E.T. Only seven years old at the time, Drew was the epitome of adorable innocence, but living in the glare of fame’s lights soon changed that. After appearances on The Tonight Show and SNL she began club-hopping with her mother and soon developed a pre-teenage taste for drugs and alcohol.
At the age of 10, Drew looked far older, with her full-on glam image – sparkly eye-shadow, bright lipstick and wispy bangs at this awards show. But her life was spiraling out of control, and she landed in rehab aged 13. Once out, she cultivated a rock-chick look – tousled hair, tattoos, and major attitude. In fact, Drew has six tattoos in total, including a pair of angels on her lower back, a butterfly and a bouquet of flowers on her stomach, and a crescent moon on her toe.
In the 90s, Drew experimented with grunge and spent several years sporting blonde wavy locks and red lippy. Then she dyed her hair black and went for a goth make-over, powdering her face to near-deathlike paleness and painting on dark maroon lipstick. It was a style disaster, but the look helped to shape a softer image that would eventually evolve, in which Drew would keep her skin pale and ethereal-looking and experiment with bright lips or eyes.
By 2000, Drew had perfected her look – mid-length choppy blonde or honey hair, fun yet flattering make-up, and a touch of whimsy that embodied her personal style – usually an oversize daisy or rose tucked behind one ear. Though she flirted with various different hair colors, critics agreed this was her best look – blonde, gorgeous, and with her wild side still just barely visible. In this picture she shows off her fabulous figure and the cross with vines tattoo she had done just above her ankle in 2003. “I love my tattoos,” she is reported to have said. “They’re like permanent make-up.”

It was this look that Drew worked all through the promotion of Charlie’s Angels, which she co-starred in along with fellow gorgeous actresses Cameron Diaz and Lucy Lui. The Fallen Angel had by then become a ‘Charlie’s Angel’ and it was suiting her!

All through the rest of the 90’s Drew continued to experiment with different styles, but unlike in previous decades, she found looks that truly suited her and reflected her personality. Now she has a look that works everywhere – neither cutesy nor overly rock chick, neither goth nor hippy. It’s simply Drew at her prettiest and best.

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