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Okay, so anyone that reads my posts probably gets that despite being a blogger for FreshTrends, I’m kind of freaked out by piercings. I love them – piercings are sexy, bold, and so expressive – but yeah, scary.

That being said, one of the piercings I have had was my septum pierced. This tatted up, stretched ear wussy went under the needle a few years ago to get the ole bull ring done, and I’m here to share my experience, as well as some seriously updated trends that have risen to the call of the popularity of the septum piercing in recent years.

How Much Does a Septum Piercing Hurt?

Short answer – like, not at all.

Like I said, piercings give me mega anxiety. I had my nostril done, and my ears are stretched, but aside from that, I had little to compare it to. I can honestly say, having my septum pierced hurt way less than having my nostril pierced, and anyone with a nose stud knows that that basically means, you don’t even feel a septum piercing.

Girl with glasses and a septum piercing

I really didn’t even think about it before I went in to get it done, but where they put the need during a septum piercing isn’t cartilage or flesh – it’s sort of this void space between that cartilage divider of your nostrils and the bone inside your nose. There’s practically nothing there and certainly very few nerve endings.

I remember when I had my septum pierced, I felt a sort of ‘pop’. The skin there is pretty thick and tough, and the most you get out of the experience is a sensation similar to poking a hole in plastic with a ballpoint pen. But pain? Like zero. It didn’t even bleed.

How Long Does it Take to Heal a Septum Piercing?

Since there is no flesh where a septum piercing goes in, the healing time was crazy quick. About a week later, there was no tenderness when I inevitably tugged on the jewelry putting my shirt on or something, there was never any discharge or swelling, and I really never cleaned it with anything other than the occasional soap and water in the shower.

Piercers will tell you to wait between six and eight weeks to change out your jewelry – I think I waited for eight just to be on the safe side, though I feel like I could have done it at four.

Don’t be too hasty though, if you get that jewelry out before your piercing has healed (even if it feels fine), it’s likely to agitate the surrounding tissue, causing it to swell, and you won’t be able to get your jewelry back in. And trust me, there’s nothing quite like the walk of shame back into your piercer to show them what you did –  be prepared for a lecture.

What Kind of Jewelry Can You Wear in a Septum Piercing?

I don’t know if I just lived under a rock and didn’t realize how many options there were, or if I’m just getting old, and back when I had mine done maybe those options didn’t exist, but HOLY MOLY – there is so much cute septum jewelry out there right now.

Shop septum piercing jewelry here.

Gothic girl with septum captive ring septum clicker and medusa septum clicker gold

I mean seriously, I let mine close up because I didn’t think it looked good on me, but now I’m wondering what one of these gorgeous ornate septum clickers would look like on me.

But I digress.

When you first get your septum pierced, chances are your piercer is going to put a circular barbell or captive ring in there for the duration of your healing time. It’s a good starter septum ring that accommodates swelling, and you can get them in a lot of nice hypoallergenic metals like titanium, surgical steel, and even gold.

Once your healing time is up though, it’s time for clickers.

Septum clickers are by far and away some of the most beautiful things to adorn your upper lip, and there are heaps of styles and designs to choose from. The way these jewelry works is a lot like you may have seen some earrings. The metal in contact with your septum is like the stud of an earring, hinged on one side of the part that hangs below your nose. The end of the stud goes through your septum, then clicks into place on the other side, hence the name.

I really love the way septum clickers look when worn with other piercings, especially lip rings like Medusas and labret piercings.

Confession: I’m getting my labret pierced today (video coming soon), and by the end of writing this post, I may just decide to get my septum redone too. I mean, come on.

snake bites piercing and septum with labretLabret stud piercing with septum clickerBridge, septum, and dimple piercings on a womanSeptum and lip piercing




Hiding a Septum Piercing at Work

This is one of those piercings that is just painfully easy to hide at work. I worked in a place where not only was it against policy to have facial piercings, but it was downright hazardous, and I just flipped my circular barbell up into my nose every day – easy peasy.

If you wear a clicker, obviously you’re going to have to change it out to hide it from your boss, so think twice before committing to a big stash of septum clickers. The same goes for captive rings, so when you go to get yours pierced, make sure you specify you want a circular barbell put in if work isn’t going to tolerate it.

Jump on the Bandwagon – We Have Jewelry

Sure, septums are one of the trendier piercings right now, and for some people, that might be a turnoff, but hey – if you like it, you like it, and I say go for it. This is a wildly versatile piercing that works with a variety of fashion senses and personal styles, so rock it any way you choose.

Girl with cat and septum piercing

Just be sure to pick jewelry that’s going to be gentle on your body during the healing process, and source the piercing through a reputable shop – see this post for tips on what types of body jewelry are best for fresh piercings.

Alright, show and tell time – let’s see your septum piercings in the comments below, or tag us on Instagram in your pics – #lovefreshtrends.

Still, a little freaked out by a needle in your nose?

Shop fake septum rings here, and get the look without the poke.

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