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By Meghan O'Neal 06/01/2020

So, you think that you’re a piercing expert. You’ve sat in the piercer’s chair dozens of times, you’ve undergone the aftercare process more months than you can count, and your friends come to you first for piercing advice.

You might not know as much as you think.

The wonderful thing about the piercing industry is that it changes all the time. The more popular that body piercings become, the more people search for piercing styles that no one else has.

Here’s a brief rundown of unique piercing styles that you’ve probably never heard of before.

Transverse lobe piercing

When you’re looking for something bolder than multiple ear piercings, then you might want to check out the transverse lobe piercing.

The transverse lobe piercing pierces the lobe horizontally (instead of perpendicularly like a regular lobe piercing). This creates a long piercing hole that’s typically filled with a curved barbell, although it might fit a straight barbell if your anatomy allows. This creates a double pierced look that seems to defy gravity since the ball ends appear at the bottom of your earlobe.

We love this piercing because it can take on an edgier tone if decorated with spikes or metal ball ends, but it can also be incredibly cute if you opt for dazzling gemstones.

It might look like a painful piercing, but the good news is that the lobe doesn’t carry many nerves, and most who have gotten this piercing say that it hurts less than cartilage piercings. Choose a piercer who is experienced with the transverse lobe piercing, and they’ll be able to expertly pierce you with the least amount of pain possible. 

Orbital earlobe piercing

Fun fact: an orbital piercing is any two piercings filled with a single hoop. (Often, an inner conch piercing that is filled with a large hoop that wraps around the rim of the ear is referred to as an orbital piercing, but this is technically incorrect.) If you have multiple ear piercings in your cartilage, you can potentially connect the two with a hoop to create an orbital piercing, although you should talk to a piercer first; if the holes aren’t placed well enough for an orbital look, the jewelry could press against the piercing holes which might cause damage even in healed piercings.

The orbital earlobe piercing is one that’s easy to create, but it offers a super cool look. If you want an orbital piercing, it’s always a good idea to get the piercings done with the orbital look in mind (like you would with an industrial piercing), but if you have multiple lobe piercings already, you might be able to fill them with a hoop.

We love this piercing because it’s really two in one, making your lobe piercings more versatile than they already were.

Septril piercing

This one might seem a little crazy, but it could yield adorable results.

The septril piercing appears below the tip of the nose through the septum. In order to get the septril piercing, you already have to have a septum piercing that’s been stretched to accommodate this piercing type. Then, a piercer can conduct the septril piercing which will be decorated with flat back body jewelry.

This piercing looks best with daintier jewelry styles, but some prefer bolder gemstones or large bead ends. We love this look because it’s similar to the septum piercing, but it’s a bit off the beaten path, offering an alternative to the once-uncommon septum look.

If you’re thinking about getting a septril piercing, talk to a piercer before stretching your septum piercing. They’ll need to take a look to ensure that your anatomy will allow this piercing type, and they’ll give you tips on how to stretch your septum.

Vertical industrial piercing

You probably already know (and possibly love) the industrial piercing. But, did you know that you can get this piercing in many different directions?

If you already have an industrial piercing, then you know that placement of the two piercing holes depends upon your preference and at which angle you want your industrial jewelry. Most people opt to get their forward helix and helix areas pierced, placing the jewelry in a slightly diagonal position, but some go further down to get their auricle region pierced for a more intense diagonal line.

However, you can also pierce the apex of your ear and the bottom part of the inner conch or the top and bottom of the inner conch for a vertical industrial piercing. With the right industrial jewelry, the vertical industrial piercing can beautifully decorate the inner portion of your ear in a way that stands out from the daith or inner conch piercings. 

Surface piercings

Surface piercings aren’t all that uncommon these days, but you might be surprised that the locations that can be pierced.

Take your ankle, for example. Some people have gotten what’s called the Achilles piercing, decorating their heel with little gemstones. You can also pierce places like your fingers, behind your ear, and along your cheekbones and eyebrows.

Be careful with surface piercings. Depending on their location, they could easily snag. If you have an idea for a surface piercing, talk to a reputable piercer (preferably one who is part of the Association of Piercing Professionals), and listen to their advice.

The truth is that you can probably find a piercer who would be willing to do the piercing that you want, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea. You need to receive consultation from an excellent piercer who will honestly tell you whether the piercing can be done in a healthy way. If not, listen to them, and opt for another piercing choice.

We love that the body piercing industry has entered mainstream popularity, but we understand that it can be frustrating for those who prefer distinctive styles. Thankfully, new piercings, like those above, are created every day as piercers perfect their craft. 

Do you have a cool piercing that we mentioned above (or one that we didn’t)? Show us by tagging @freshtrends on Instagram. We want to see your look!

Meghan O'Neal

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