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What’s the fun in being mainstream? Thanks to the world of piercings and tats, we can be bold and amazing, and look different than every other human on this planet.

Why not rock an edgy look that works with any style – between your eyeballs!

Yes, my pierced and unpierced friends, I am referencing the beautiful enigma that is the bridge piercing. A wildly memorable piercing that is, usually, placed at the very top of your nose right between your eyes. Striking, bold, and fierce – bridge piercings add an unexpected pop of steel to your look.

Bridge piercing on a woman

Aptly named after a guy named Erl who wanted to spice up his look a bit, the ‘Erl’, or bridge piercing is placed on (or around) the bridge of your nose, thus the name. These piercings usually require the presence of a straight or curved barbell, and should probably warrant a thought or two before making the jaunt down to your local piercing parlor.

Here are some things to consider before piercing that fabulous space between the eyes:

Can you handle the pain of a bridge piercing?

This piercing, based on various people’s experiences, doesn’t seem to register too high on the pain tolerance scale. Many have only noted mild discomfort with the clamps (pre-pierce) and potential swelling after the piercing is complete.  

If you have a tendency to swell, then you may feel like you got sucker punched between the eyes for a bit, but nothing that a few Ibuprofen can’t handle. Many note that the actual piercing procedure is not too uncomfortable or painful, but the swelling is sometimes an issue.

In my world, I rate things on the tried and true ‘Shot-Of-Tequila’ scale. For this doozy of a piercing, I don’t think you will need to bring a tourniquet to chomp down on. From my understanding, this sensitive area between the eyes may run you about a ‘1’ on the ‘Shot-of-Tequila’ scale (of course, said shots will need to be AFTER your bridge has been perfectly pierced – don’t be dumb).

It’s not a super long process, so if you dig this piercing – don’t be a ninny, go for it! You can handle a little swelling and discomfort for a short while. Just look at this piercing – what’s not to love?!

cute bridge piercing on a girl

Are you self-confident enough for a bridge piercing?

If you are one of those people that has amazing eyes and/or an amazing nose, yet you combat compliments like a battle scene from The Game of Thrones, then don’t consider this piercing! There is no way around the fact that your new bridge buddy will draw a quality amount of attention – if you watch the show Botched or you have a piggy bank specifically sanctioned for a nose job fund – this piercing is NOT for you.

Will your boss and/or parents approve of a bridge piercing?

I know, I know – piercings are individual and we shouldn’t care about what people think. Just don’t be naive about the bold statement that this piercing will, inevitably, make. If you work at a daycare center, you’re a high powered corporate attorney, you’re in luxury car sales, or you’re a principal at an elementary school, this piercing may not jive with the look your customers expect from you.

Good ol’ ‘Erl’ pioneered this way cool piercing, but he can’t help you if your boss fires you, or your clients run for the hills. Also, a bridge piercing is way more fun if your parents don’t kick you out of their house or make you sleep in the front yard. Just some food for thought.

girl with bridge piercing

Now that we’ve chatted a bit about some things to consider before you pierce that sweet bridge, let’s chat about Pierce Day. Oh, the hallowed and cherished moments leading up to our piercing appointments – what will we wear, who will we bring, should we eat a well-balanced meal before we go, should we do a yoga video on YouTube?! Plenty of things to consider and plan before we actually get our piercings, but let’s not forget some of the more important details to consider:

    1. Make sure you have researched the snot out of the person you’ve decided to PROFESSIONALLY (please note my use of all caps for the aforementioned word) pierce your body. Don’t call a buddy and ask him if he’s got a long enough needle to pierce the sensitive spot between your eyeballs. No one’s going to compliment your beautiful eyes if there are ample amounts of pus oozing out of your bargain basement bridge piercing.
    1. Make sure you haven’t downed a bunch of liquid that has a percent by volume label somewhere on the container. Translation – don’t drink and pierce. Not only does your blood get thinner, thus making you more prone to passing out when a needle is strategically inserted on or around the bridge of your nose, but no one’s going to pierce you if you stumble in smelling like you’ve been swimming at a whiskey refinery.
    1. Make sure you know exactly where you want to be pierced – mentally prepare yourself to ensure that you don’t waste anyone’s time with needing to breathe into a paper bag while your buddies try to give you a pep talk. Most bridge piercings are done on the bridge of the nose, but this same type of piercing can be done above your eyebrows, on the back of your neck, or in a few other areas that provide ample amounts of skin to surface piercing. Know where your metal is going.  
    1. Make sure you are ready to go cross-eyed for just a bit. No, you’re not going to permanently look like you have confused eyes that cross too often, but you will have a natural tendency to stare at the balls of your piercing from time to time. As with all piercings, this will become part of your body and you’ll grow accustomed to the placement of this piercing.  You will begin to notice that you no longer find yourself trying to fixate on the little bits of metal that are so perfectly set atop the bridge of your nose.
  1. Don’t forget to keep your new bridge piercing clean, and make sure to choose a straight or curved barbell that fits the area you’re getting pierced. Again, no one wants to comment on a piercing that’s oozing yellow funk out its crevices! Take care of you – take care of your piercing.

surface piercing behind ear

h20cean aftercare

You’ll want to start out with the highest quality material to ensure that your piercing doesn’t get infected – Bioplast and titanium are great options. Once your piercing is healed through, surgical steel and gold also offer a lot of unique looks and styles, and you can even glam your bridge piercing up with diamond jewelry!


Titanium Straight Barbell


Pink 16 Gauge Jeweled CZ Flexible Bioplast Barbell


16G – Diamond Pave 14K White Gold Curved / Bent Barbell – 5mm Balls

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