Plugs are my ultimate aspiration. Unfortunately, I have never possessed the patience for stretching my ears out. I’ve procrastinated getting them until I fear it may never happen. That’s why I choose to live vicariously. I enjoy looking at creative individuals who have stretched their ears and stuck with it. Luckily, Instagram is full of gorgeous ladies who rock some seriously awesome plugs. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite looks from these girls. So without further ado, here are 30 girls who look drop dead gorgeous with (and without) plugs.

1. Billie

Billie keeps her look fresh by constantly changing up her hair colour, makeup, and body jewelry. One thing that stays the same is her stretched ears

2. Meghann

Plugs are an awesome accessory to add to any outfit, no matter how dark it may be. 

3. Reina

Plugs do not have to be boring. This lady knows what’s up!

4. Steph

Can I just say that black and white filters instantly make a photo look twice as good?

5. Aimee

Forever envious of how well people can take care of their stretched ears, no matter how big they are.

6. Xoe

Call me obsessed.

7. Izzy

I love these plugs because they blend in so naturally with Izzy’s skin. It’s magical AF.

8. Holly

Because oval plugs are life. 

9. Caroline

Updos + plugs is such a classy spin on an alternative look. 

10. Ina creatures. 

11. Agnese

Agnese’s entire look is perfection. 

12. Laio

I really do like the earring/plug look. It’s unexpected. More often than not, I’m sure people would rather opt for the lighter plugs without the extra glam at the bottom. 

13. Ronyah

14. Alexx

Another stylish example of gorgeous nude plugs. 

15. Lotte

Nautical style jewelry is super classic. 

16. Lizzi

Black teardrop-shaped plugs? Absolutely in love. 

17. Kyra

This chick has the cutest natural freckles and the coolest taste in plugs. 

18. Lauri

Easy breezy beautiful. 

19. Tessa

Glasses and plugs. Together, they’re such an incredibly attractive duo.

20. Megan

Tunnels are awesome and classic and all, but I really love when girls go bold. These colorful plugs are everything. 

21. Bri

This photograph captures so many different forms of art and beauty.

22. Jess

Those plugs are the exact colour of a clear spring sky and I adore that. 

23. Shania

Come on. You cannot sit there and tell me that glasses and plugs aren’t gorgeous as anything. 

24. Kristy

Those plugs seriously do something undeniably magical to this lovely lady’s eyes. 

25. Kayla

I love the simplicity of this beautiful girl’s plugs. She keeps it minimalistic and I love that!

26. Amber

This dimpled creature is simply incandescent. Her bright plugs complete the perfect picture. 

27. Nichole

I can’t get enough of black and white photos. Nichole kills it with her entire look. 

28. Anna

This girl really knows how to put an outfit together. I am super jealous of her skills. 

 29. Taylor

Why do I feel like she’s staring into my soul? Regardless, I am in love with the way she portrays herself. 

30. Laura

I wanna end with an utterly beautiful photograph of a girl named Laura smiling in black and white. I hope this picture is as inspiring to you as it was to me when I first happened upon it. 

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