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By Destiny 05/03/2017

What does your smile say about you? Is it friendly, sexy, sarcastic, a crooked smirk? Or is your smile as fierce as a Greek, snake-haired monster? Capturing your persona with a piercing is the best part about walking out of the studio with a fresh piercing, and the medusa is perfect for anyone looking to mix things up, without going full on snake bites.

Medusa piercings are sexy, subtle, and intriguing, and becoming all the rage right now. Add some personality to your face, and do something that’s edgy without being over the top.

Where Does the Medusa Piercing Go?

Medusa piercings got their name from…I don’t know where. I honestly can’t find any correlation anywhere between the sultry demon of Greek mythology and this innocuous little piercing, but I dig the name.

Medusa piercings sit in the gentle little dip above your upper lip, sort of like a labret piercing on the other side of the fence. Typically they’re worn with a simple straight barbell stud, but it’s your face baby – wear what you want! A circular barbell or captive bead ring would work there as well if you like the ’round the lip look.

Does a Medusa Piercing Hurt?

Here’s the old standby we use when people ask us how bad piercings hurt – the answer is yes, most piercings are going to hurt to a certain extent, but it’s entirely dependent on the pain tolerance of the person getting them.

That being said, the general consensus with medusa piercings is that they’re way low on the pain spectrum. Like labret piercings, you barely feel them, and healing is a breeze.

Since the tissue in your mouth is constantly changing and regenerating, medusa piercings, like other lip piercings, heal remarkably fast. Typically you can change out your jewelry in around two weeks, and for most people, the entire piercing is fully healed in around six weeks.

Styling the Medusa Piercing

Medusa piercings are subtly erotic and look great on pretty much anyone, but all the better if you have some full lips that you’d like to accentuate. Most often, people wear simple studs in their medusa piercings, but you can go the extra mile and get something that loops around your upper lip as well.

Besides wearing a straight or circular barbell, medusa piercings look particularly adorable with septum piercings. Put in an ornate septum clicker with a straight barbell in a complementary color, and if you’ve got a hot, exotic look that isn’t over the top edgy.

Do you have a medusa piercing? We wanna see it!


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