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By Meghan O'Neal 04/30/2020

The namesake for notable places—like The Emerald Isle and Emerald City—May’s birthstone is characterized by its unmatched green tone. The dazzling color offers a feeling of springtime, perfect for those who are born in the fifth month of the year.

If you’re looking forward to a birthday this month, or if you have loved ones with a May birthday, an emerald offers the perfect gift. Before you begin shopping for an alluring piece of emerald body jewelry, let’s talk about emeralds, what they symbolize, and why we love them.

What are emeralds?

Emeralds are among the more ancient gemstones. They were first mined in Egypt beginning in 1500 BCE, and they quickly became the gems of royalty; Cleopatra herself was known for her love of this gorgeous green stone.

However, Egyptians weren’t the only ones who loved this mineral. Royalty the world over, from Asia to South America, was known to wear emeralds. 

Today, Colombia is the biggest supplier of emeralds, but they can be found all over, including parts of Asia, the Middle East, and even the US and Canada. 

Like diamonds, the cut of an emerald is imperative; a lighter stone can achieve a darker hue based on the depth of the cut. It even has its own cut named after it, the emerald cut, because this shape tends to capture the beautiful tone of emeralds the best.

Emeralds are rarer than diamonds, so they can sometimes be more expensive. Because of this and their gorgeous color, they are becoming more and more popular in engagement jewelry.

What do emeralds symbolize?

The green tone of emeralds brings a sense of peace and calmness. This has inspired similar symbols associated with the emerald across cultures.

Many attach the concepts of rebirth, renewal, peace, health, and growth to the emerald. In fact, some cultures believe that the emerald can help couples struggling with infertility, and others say that the emerald can help with certain health issues.

a growing plant

Like small plants sprouting from the earth, the emerald symbolizes growth and rebirth.

In the past, some cultures thought emeralds had magical powers; some would put the emerald beneath their tongue so that they could speak more eloquently.

In modern mysticism, some believe that the emerald is attached to the heart. Those who trust in crystals think that it can heal your heart, both physically and emotionally, and that it can encourage love.

Why is the emerald May’s birthstone?

The emerald is closely linked to spring and renewal. Since April showers bring May flowers, this makes it the perfect gemstone for this month. 

May birthdays should be proud to carry the emerald gemstone; beyond its positive symbols, the emerald is one of the rarer gemstones, making it unique, just like you!

But, you don’t have to be born in May to enjoy the beauty of the emerald. If you’re looking for something with an unmatched tone in a beautiful cut that’s sure to catch the eye of everyone you meet, then the emerald could be the gemstone for you. 

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Whether you’re getting something for someone you love, or you’re looking to treat yourself this May, we have emerald body jewelry to die for. Check it out!

Meghan O'Neal

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