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disney princess makeup and body jewelry
By FT Admin 01/28/2017

disney magic

I am a self-declared Disney fanatic. That is no hidden secret of mine. Being a Florida native, I am quite sure that the water supply is sprinkled with pixie dust and a spoonful of sugar in all areas surrounding the 407-area code, and I’m pretty sure that intense subliminal messages are being played on each of the major TV networks that I view. However, this Disney obsession is not just contained to the areas exhibiting high levels of magic water. Disney is a powerhouse; people are in love with a high-pitched, topless mouse with giant shoes, and every character that has been associated with its brand.

It comes as no real surprise to me that a growing trend in the makeup tutorial world of YouTube, every social media outlet, and most every fashion-related publication on this planet is how to master the perfect Disney princess look.

Disney princess silhouette

Thanks to Halloween, ComicCon, anything/everything cosplay related, as well as continuous endorsements from YouTube makeup tutorial superstars  – wearing these looks on a daily basis is not considered peculiar, and dare I say it, has become quite fashion forward.

Let’s start with the royals.

Beauty and the Beast – Belle

Here’s where the makeup magic has really overtaken the fashion world. Turns out, instead of there being a look for every occasion, there is actually a Disney princess for every occasion – at least in terms of nailing the perfect makeup for any situation or event.

Interested in being the Belle of the ball? Check out this inspired makeup look of Belle from Beauty of the Beast…just with a bit of a pinup girl twist:

This look is pretty glam – don’t forget to accessorize with all things sparkly and gold.

Belle necklace
CZ Rosebud Heart Yellow Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace – 18″
Belle gold stud earrings
Ball Stud 14k Yellow Gold Earrings
Belle gold diamond disney earrings
Rounded Two-Tier CZ Paved 14K Yellow Gold Stud Earrings

Frozen – Elsa

Few Disney Princesses quite capture the unique look of this ice queen. Frozen‘s Elsa is a fun look to mimic, with her intense eyeliner and expressive eyebrows against a backdrop of icy cool blonde hair. Check out this YouTube makeup tutorial to do your makeup like Elsa – this chick nails it!

Snowflake dangle belly button ring
Clear CZ Snowflake Flower Surgical Steel Dangle Belly Ring
white topaz silver ring
White Topaz Briolette Ball Polished Sterling Silver Stackable Ring
Sterling silver tear drop dangle earrings
Cubic Zirconia Pave Dangle Teardrop 925 Sterling Silver Huggie Earring


Let’s be honest here – Mulan never needed makeup, unless it was to sneak into the emperor’s palace with her warrior buddies and raise some hell. This woman warrior is far too cool to reduce to a YouTube makeup tutorial, but nonetheless, it’s a fun style to emulate, since most of us are pretty hopeless with a sword. This Mulan makeup tutorial on YouTube captures one her girlier appearances in the film – Mulan, the princess bride.

Gold heart screw back dangle earrings
Demure Heart Dangle 14K Yellow Gold Screw Back Earrings
Chinese Love earring cheater plug gold
Chinese Character “Love” Gold Plated Cheater Plug

The Little Mermaid – Ariel

Wanna bring a little bit of under the sea to your above the ground look? Ariel makeup tutorials abound, and the look is stunning. Check out this everyday princess look that allows you to be a walking, talking, glamorous, land-dwelling mermaid:

I’d recommend that you bring some nautical to this sweet and salty look. Nautical body jewelry , tousled waves, and two left feet are all you need to complete your Ariel look.

Ariel star fish earrings plugs
Ariel’s Shell Urban Star Plugs – Organic Sabo Wood – Pair Double Flared 2G – 1″
Organic starfish plugs
Starfish Treasure Urban Star Plugs – Pair Organic Crocodile Wood 2G – 1″


Let’s get back to nature and embrace our colors of the wind makeup look with the ever-gorgeous Pocahontas. Sure, you may not have a bunch of woodland creatures that hang with you as you apply this look, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look A.M.A.Z.I.N.G and bring a little natural glam to your world! Check out this look that will catapult your natural aura to that of an incredibly beautiful Native American princess:

You’ll definitely want to pair some tribal, natural jewelry pieces to this look. Check out some of these bone, wood, and stone pieces that will bring your Pocahontas makeup look home:

Organic Phoenix Sono Wood Hanger Plugs
Organic Phoenix Sono Wood Hanger Plugs 12G – 1/2″ (2 – 12.5mm) – Pair
Organic Sono Wood Bonsai Tree Hanger Plugs 4G – 3/4″ (5mm – 19mm) – Pair

Aladdin – Jasmine

Interested in adding a little mystery to your Arabian night? Aladdin’s Jasmine has become the star of many a YouTube craze, and Jasmine makeup tutorials are the latest crazy in capturing the look of this beautiful Arabian princess.

This look definitely needs some fabulously large, gold pieces that showcase those big, doe eyes that you just created! Check out some of these pieces that Ali Baba and his forty thieves would  fawn over:

Large Sexy Bronze Hoop Earrings
Large Sexy Bronze Hoop Earrings
Golden Turquoise Teardrop Belly Ring
Clear CZ Golden Turquoise Teardrop Surgical Steel Non-Dangle Belly Ring

Had enough of the do-gooder, uber-glam Disney princesses? Fair enough. Let’s move into the darker and more sinister looks to add to your everyday.

Bad to the Bone


Why not begin the bad girls club makeup trends with the queen of darkness, herself – Maleficent. Her horned headpiece still scares the snot out of me, however, her makeup is 100% envy-inducing! Watch this video to get the Maleficent makeup tutorial:

Miss Maleficent is quite the high-end gal. If you’re bringing this dark look to your day, make sure to pair with some incredible gemstones from our Freshtrends’ collection:

Black stud earrings
Faceted Square Black Cubic Zirconia 14k White Gold Stud Earrings 3mm – 7mm
Filigree Black Plated Nipple Stirrup Shield
Filigree Black Plated Nipple Stirrup Shield

The Little Mermaid – Ursula

Sure, this next Disney villain has tentacles and digs the crime of grand theft and voice distortion, but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t wildly glamorous! Watch this Ursula makeup tutorial to become your inner sea witch.

This undersea diva is all about the glam, so it’s best to pair this look with some bright, fun pieces, like what you might score in a sunken treasure chest. Lots of gold, big gems, and shameless gilding of the lily.

Opal Sun Black Plated Stainless Steel Stud Earrings
Opal Sun Black Plated Stainless Steel Stud Earrings
Cubic Zirconia Snake Sterling Sliver Stud Earrings
Cubic Zirconia Snake Sterling Sliver Stud Earrings
Sterling silver ruby ring
Ruby Elegant Oval Polished Sterling Silver Stackable Ring

101 Dalmations – Cruella De Vil

Are you more of a cat person? Not a fan of the dalmatians? Then, you absolutely must score this truly devilish and delightful look, inspired by the one and only Cruella De Vil. Don’t act like you’re not curious – watch the Cruella de Vil makeup tutorial below:

Cruella commands a more timeless, 1920s-inspired look, so the best pieces are those that are simple, classic, high-fashion, and above all devilishly gorgeous:

Black and silver dangle earrings
Triple Link Ferido CZ Stainless Steel Dangle Earrings
Decadent Shimmer 14K White Gold Long Dangle Earrings
Decadent Shimmer 14K White Gold Long Dangle Earrings

Non-Animated Disney Character Makeup Tutorials

The characters from Disney’s Avatar are so visually striking, it only makes sense that someone would come up with a full video to capture the look of blue badass Neytiri. Watch this Neytiri makeup tutorial, and spend a day in the bare feet of one of Pandora’s most beautiful:

To best match the mystical blue tone and your interactive tale, some of the best pieces to pair with this look would be tribal, natural, and amazing to the touch. Check out some of these incredible otherworldly handcrafted pieces:

Abalone Shell Inlay Organic Bone Saddle Plugs
Abalone Shell Inlay Organic Bone Saddle Plug – 2G – 1 1/4″ – Sold Individually
Hand Carved Swirl Tamarind Wood Cheater Spiral Plugs
Hand Carved Swirl Tamarind Wood Cheater Spiral Plugs – 18G

Pirates of the Carribean – Captain Jack Sparrow

Do you need the perfect look to plunder a village – maybe a look that can conceal the fact that you haven’t bathed in days and have been living off of rum and crackers? That’s right, there’s even a makeup tutorial for the roguishly handsome and perpetually drunk Captain Jack Sparrow.

Some great jewelry pieces to fit this look? Well, how about one of everything! You’re a pirate – jam as many pieces of jewelry on your person as physically possible! This pirates booty is perfect to mix and match for that renegade gypsy look.

Organic Sabo Wood Egyptian Winged Goddess Isis Stirrup Hanger Earrings
Organic Sabo Wood Egyptian Winged Goddess Isis Stirrup Hanger Earrings
Cross 14K Yellow Gold Nose Ring - Twist
Cross 14K Yellow Gold Nose Ring – Twist
Yellow Gold Skull Labret / Lip Ring / Monroe / Tragus Stud
14G Solid 14k Yellow Gold Skull Labret / Lip Ring / Monroe / Tragus Stud

No matter what look you’re tracking, whether it be magically inspired by the mouse himself or just something that makes you feel fresh, bold, and fabulous – go big or go home. Bring the look together with the jewelry to complete your new persona, and be a princess or a villain for a day.

FT Admin

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