Corset piercings take some amazingly hot photos, prove how tough you are, and really give you a sexy, extreme look. Those who are brave enough to bare these are usually into the erotic arts and dabble in fetish aesthetics.

For the unfamiliar, corset piercings are styled to look like corsetry, and for obvious reasons, down the back, on females is the most typical placement for these, mirroring a true corset. Two bilateral rows of piercings are done with captive bead rings, and then laced like a corset with ribbon, chain, or rope. They are also done on the arms, legs, down the sides of the torso, and even on the neck; anywhere the skin is loose enough to pierce.



Corset piercings are done as temporary piercings, usually lasting about a week, and sometimes just a few hours. They don’t exactly heal properly, and can be susceptible to getting caught on things. And after they get taken out, be prepared for scarring. For some people the beauty of these piercings, as fleeting as it is, make it all worth it.


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