So if you want that name tattooed on you forever, make sure you think about it long and deep. There are many do’s and don’ts to these kinds of tattoos, and there is a current of trend going with name tattoos these days. Why waste your time with regret; plan ahead instead!

When it’s the name your child, well that’s self-explanatory, I’ve never met a parent who regretted having a tattoo of their child’s name. A relative, a grandparent, your mom, dad, or sibling; these are usually a good idea.

It’s another story if you are thinking about getting your significant other’s name tattooed. Sometimes, you just know when your husband, wife, or partner is worthy of an eternal tattoo. When you’re in love or lust, it’s hard not to want permanence; however a reality of today’s day and age is that many relationships don’t go the distance of “forever.” Think about it: even wedding rings are easily removed; tattoos aren’t! Remember Johnny Depp’s “Winona Forever?” It eventually became “Wino Forever.” If you’re okay with things possibly going sour, and you’re cool with a permanent reminder, and you really wanna do it, go for it!


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