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By Meghan O'Neal 09/17/2018

Clicker rings are all the rage. It’s no wonder; the hinged bar makes taking the ring in and out of your piercing super easy, and the satisfying click—the namesake of this new trend—lets you know that your jewelry is firmly in place.

But with so many ring options out there, it’s easy to get confused. What is the difference between a segment ring and a clicker ring? Why should I choose a clicker ring over a segment ring? What’s all the fuss about, anyway?

Lucky for you, we’re here to help!

What is a clicker ring?

The hinged clasp differentiates a clicker ring from other ring types. The clasp snaps into place between two tines, ensuring that the ring is secure.

Clicker rings usually sport a straight post although curved posts have been seen a lot lately. Its shape fits perfectly with septum and daith piercings, especially if you like the look of a smaller hoop close to the skin, but we see them all over, including other cartilage piercings and nipple piercings.

What’s the difference between a clicker ring and a segment ring?

It’s pretty easy to get segment rings and clicker rings mixed up. Their similar styles and piercing locations promote the misconception that they’re the same thing. There are a few subtle differences that can hopefully help you choose which is the right one for you.

A segment ring comes in two different types:

  • A regular segment ring has a piece that completely comes out when you put in or take out the jewelry. Some prefer this because of the ease of use and the sleek, seamless look. However, if you’re prone to losing things (like I am), you might consider other options.
  • A hinged segment ring differs from the regular segment ring because, you guessed it, it’s hinged! Because of the hinge, these segment types usually show more of a seam than the regular segments.

Segment rings typically come in a round hoop shape (but, as with all things, there are some super cute exceptions), and can be used in a number of piercings.

While the clicker ring uses a hinge like the hinged segment rings, it differs in two ways: the quintessential clicking clasp, and its half-hoop shape. Some clicker rings also have a thicker gauge hoop with a smaller gauge post, while the segment ring is the same size all around. Clicker rings can be used in all sorts of piercings, but is most popular in the septumdaith, nipple and cartilage piercings, like the helix.

Why we love clickers and segments!

Clicker and segment rings have made changing out jewelry so much easier. The subtle clasp of segments and clickers makes way for a bunch of unique styles and designs.

In this article, we’ve talked a lot about the “typical” look of a segment or clicker ring. But that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the norm! Here at FreshTrends, we believe in jewelry that represents what makes you unique, so you can be sure that we’ve got all of the hottest gold clickers and segments designs.

Which is right for you?

Now that we’ve given the rundown, it’s your turn to decide! Whether you’re a clicker or a segment person (or both!) we’ve got you covered.

Meghan O'Neal

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