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Examples of internally threaded jewelry
By Meghan O'Neal 04/01/2019

When you get a new piercing, there are so many things to consider. You need to find a quality piercer that you trust. You must decide where you want to get your piercing and what kind of jewelry you want to wear. You have to think about the gauge of your piercing and how thick you want your puncture to be. One thing that probably doesn’t cross your mind (but probably should) is whether or not your jewelry is internally threaded.

If you have a piercing that prefers barbells or labret studs—such as a Monroe, industrial, eyebrow piercing, or even a belly ring—you’ve probably come across the term “internal threading.” In fact, higher end body jewelry shops, like FreshTrends, tend to use internal threading as a major selling point.

But what is internal threading, and why is it important?

Aesthetically, there’s not much of a difference between externally and internally threaded body jewelry pieces. Don’t let this fool you; choosing between internally threaded jewelry or externally threaded jewelry could mean the difference between happy healing and painful consequences. Here’s why opting for internally threaded jewelry is so important.

What is threading?

Imagine a screw. On the post of a screw, there’s a spiral line of metal climbing upwards, which allows the screw to remain firmly in place. That’s called threading.

an upside down screw with an arrow pointing to the threading

In straight, curved, and circular barbells and any other jewelry that has a bead that’s screwed onto a barbell, you’ll see threading. Threading will appear on both the ball and the barbell in order to secure the jewelry in place. The difference between internally threaded and externally threaded jewelry is where the threading is placed.

In externally threaded jewelry, the threading will appear on the outside of the barbell and on the inside of the ball. You’ll push the barbell through your piercing and screw the end into the ball, which is threaded on the inside.

In internally threaded jewelry, the threading appears on the inside of the barbell and on the outside of the ball. You’ll push the barbell through your piercing and screw the end of the ball into the barbell.

Why is internal threading important?

At first, the difference between internal and external threading may seem inconsequential. However, this tiny feature is so important to consider for a number of reasons.

New piercings must use internally-threaded jewelry. In externally threaded jewelry, the thread will rub against the piercing as it slips through, which can cause trauma to the skin and bring in harmful bacteria. Internally threaded barbells slip smoothly through the piercing, limiting friction against the new piercing and keeping your piercing happy.

Even older piercings can be susceptible to damage. Although new piercings are the most susceptible to damage from externally threaded barbells, older piercings can be damaged as well. The nature of threading means that the metal spiral will have sharp edges, which grab and tear at your piercing. Especially if you change your jewelry regularly, an externally threaded jewelry piece can cause damage over time.

Internal threading is a sign of quality jewelry. Internal threading is more difficult to produce than external threading. Because of this, internally threaded jewelry often receives more attention and takes longer to produce than externally threaded jewelry. While not all high-end jewelry is internally threaded, most internally threaded jewelry will be higher-end. If you’re ever unsure of the quality of your jewelry, especially if you’re buying online, check to see if it’s internally threaded. (All of FreshTrends’ threaded jewelry is internally threaded.)

Next time you’re shopping for your newest jewelry piece, don’t forget to check the threading. Far from trivial, this tiny detail could mean the difference between maintaining an adorable piercing or experiencing a painful piercing nightmare.

Meghan O'Neal

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