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A labret piercing typically refers to a piercing in the area just below the center of the lower lip, but some piercers also lump Monroe piercings and regular lip piercings into the labret category.  Pierced labrets might seem like a recent trend, but labret piercings have actually been around for thousands of years.  American Northwest Coast Indians were some of the first people to experiment with this facial piercing.  Labret rings were once worn primarily by males, but females eventually began to pierce this area of the face.  These days, men and women of all ages can be found with labret piercings.


Labret piercings are slow to heal compared to other facial piercings.  A typical labret piercing takes at least nine weeks to heal, sometimes as many as 12.  Keep your piercing clean and follow your piercer’s instructions for care and maintenance if you want to lessen the duration of your recovery period.


You won’t have to part with a massive wad of cash if you want to get your labret pierced.  Most shops charge around $50 for labret piercings, with some asking a bit more or less.  A poorly done piercing can cause permanent tooth or gum damage, so pay a few extra bucks for a reputable piercer.


Labret piercings are performed in piercing shops and tattoo parlors around the world.  If you live in a small city or town, it might be hard to find a shop that offers this service.  Travel to a larger metropolitan area if you’re having a hard time finding a labret piercer near you.


If you’re sentimental when it comes to piercings, you might be disappointed to learn that there is no meaning associated with the labret piercing.  There was a time when the Indians used labret piercings to help identify members of the tribe, but those days are long gone.  They were also rumored to be associated with wealth at one point in time, but there aren’t really any studies to back up this belief.  If you get a labret piercing, make up your own meaning or get it because you want to show off your beautiful lips.

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