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lip piercings
By FT Admin 01/11/2017

A lip piercing has the most variations of just about any piercing you can get. From fierce to feminine, there are so many ways to make this piercing match your personality, that I decided to write an entire article about it!

Contrary to what most people might think, lip piercings have a pretty fast healing time, and don’t normally develop infections because our mouths are constantly battling bacteria, so it’s a pretty safe environment. The healing time is anywhere from six to ten weeks for most lip piercings.

Labret Piercing

The labret piercing is placed under the lower lip and centered. The most common labret piercing you’re going to see is with a single stud, but some people also stretch theirs, and you can also do a hoop over your lip!

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Labret piercing

Tips and Tricks

  • It’s important to mention that a labret can give the illusion of a more elongated shape to your lips.
  • Labrets can cause some gum retraction if placed improperly, so make sure to go to a reputable piercer with a focus on placement to avoid complications.

The Vertical Labret Piercing

This one is considered more of a lip piercing, as it is actually in contact with the lips and is placed vertically on the lower lip. It goes vertically through the lower lip, never coming in contact with the inner part of the mouth, unlike the labret, that does pierce through the mouth.

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vertical labret piercing

Tips and Tricks

  • It’s important to hydrate your lips more often than usual before getting this piercing done, as the lower lip may swell and cause the lip to crack.
  • The vertical labret piercing can call attention to your lower lip, and make it look a bit more full.

Snake Bites

The snake bites are two labret piercings separated evenly on the lower lip area, one to the left and the other to the right of the lower lip. It is very often recommended to get both piercings done at the same time, as it will make the adaptation to the new jewelry easier on you.

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Snake bite piercings on a man

Tips and Tricks

  • Snake bites give the illusion of having a longer lower lip.
  • Snake bites can cause a bit of soreness if you get both at the same time.

Dolphin Bites

Dolphin bites, similar to snake bites, are also two labrets, one to each side of the lower lip, but in this particular piercing, they are a bit closer together, almost as if they were avoiding coming into contact with an imaginary labret.

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Dolphin bites piercing

Tips and Tricks

    • Dolphin bites can make your lower lip also look a bit vertically elongated.
  • Dolphin bites, like snake bites, can cause a bit of soreness if both are done at the same time, which is recommended, just because of the very near placement they have to one another.

Spider Bites

Spider Bites are a very similar piercing to dolphin bites, but in this case, they are placed much closer to the lower lip and are or both far off to the right or far off to the left of the mouth, they are meant to look, literally, like spider bites.

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spider bites piercing with hoops

Tips and Tricks

    • These piercings are not recommended to be done at the same time, because they tend to be a bit more painful than dolphin bites because they’re so close to the end of the lip where there’s more movement.
  • Spider bites draw the eye to the side they are placed on, so this piecing is best for creating balance with other facial piercings.

Shark Bites

Shark bites are a combination of Snake bites and Spider bites. It’s a four-piece piercing that involves two pairs of piercings in close proximity to each other, and on each side of the lower lip.

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shark bites piercing

Tips and Tricks

    • This is a four-piece piercing, so it is recommended, mostly due to swelling and soreness, that it is done in pairs – not all at the same time.
  • These piercings will call more attention to the lower lip, and can make it look fuller.

Dahlia Bites

The dahlia bites are placed on the corners of the mouth. It’s more common to get this piercing done both at the same time, as opposed to one first, and then the other. These piercings will sit on the corners of the mouth, and like a labret, the rest of the jewelry will be placed on the inside of the mouth.

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Tips and Tricks

    • Dahlia bites are very near the teeth, so it is recommended to get a bioplast piercing to avoid causing damage as it rubs up against them.
  • Dahlia piercings will emphasize the corners of your mouth, and has the effect of making full lips look fuller, but thin lips look particularly long and thin.


Now for your top lip piercings! The Medusa piercing is kind of like the labret of the top lip. It’s a piercing that’s centered on the top lip, and can be done with a bit of distance from it, as well as sit on the cupid’s bow of the lip.

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medusa piercing

Tips and Tricks

  • The Medusa is recommended for people that have a long philtrum, as they will make it seem somewhat shorter in length.
  • Medusas are piercings that should be chosen carefully and be thought out, as their proximity to the teeth can cause gum retraction, or even damage the enamel of the tooth if not placed properly.


The Monroe/Madonna are piercings done on either the left (Monroe) or the right (Madonna) side of the upper lip, essentially an off-center Medusa.

The Monroe is named after Marilyn Monroe because the piercing is meant to resemble the late star’s beauty mark. The Madonna is named after several starlets that had beauty marks, like moles, on that side of their upper lip.   

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Monroe and Madonna piercings

Tips and Tricks

  • Both the Monroe and Madonna piercings are meant to look sensual and resemble the essence of fame and glamor, so if that’s what you’ve been searching for, look no further.
  • These piercings, not as much as the Medusa, but very much so, will be in close contact with the teeth and gums, so it is important to have it placed properly.

Vertical Medusa Piercing

The vertical Medusa Piercing, also known as the Jestrum, is like a vertical labret, but done on the top lip. It is placed on the philtrum of the upper lip. Like the vertical labret, the vertical Medusa doesn’t pierce though into the mouth, but vertically into the lip.

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jestrum vertical medusa piercing

Tips and Tricks

    • The vertical Medusa will make the top lip seem fuller.
  • The vertical Medusa will not cause any damage to the teeth or gums like most upper lip piercings can, but it is recommended, like with any lip piercing, to prepare with hydration, and choose a long piece of jewelry for the healing process.  

Angel Bites

The Angel Bites are essentially upper lip Snake Bites, they pierce through the upper lip into the mouth. This piercing is also seen as a combination of the Monroe and the Madonna, having two of the most openly sensual piercings together makes for the name related to angels, as it can only be due to a divine combination that this can happen.

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Angel bite lip piercing

Tips and Tricks

  • Angel bites can take a bit more time to heal and have to be well thought out because, like the Monroe and Madonna, they are in close contact with teeth and gums, and also are more prone to getting pulled or snagged because they will swell during the healing process.
  • Angel bites will draw attention to the top lip, and but may or may not make it look fuller – it’s more likely to throw into sharper relief the natural shape of your lips.

Cyber Bites

Cyber bites are a combination of the Medusa and labret piercings, with one done in the top-center lip, and another in the bottom-center lip.  

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cyber bites piercing

Tips and Tricks

  • This piercing creates a beautiful sense of symmetry on your face, and can be a nice way to accentuate the fullness of your lips.
  • This piercing is hard to heal and is recommended to not be done at the same time, as both lips may swell and can cause trouble with eating and getting the jewelry pulled, further irritating the piercings.

Though fierce, and undeniably sexy lip piercings are a tricky one to hide. Your mouth is going to be a part of your body you generally won’t get away with putting under a bandaid, so you’ll have to keep that in mind if you work somewhere with restrictions on body piercings. However, there are always clear retainers that can be used as well.

sterling silver bioplast labret studtitanium labret ringgold bent barbell lip ring

Always take into consideration how your body is going to handle a new piercing – it’s essentially a foreign object, so you to make sure you pick a comfortable, high-quality material that isn’t going to cause complications.

For piercings that come into lots of contact with your teeth, bioplast is a nice, flexible material that can help to minimize the risk of causing lasting damage. It’s also flexible, so it can be very comfortable during the initial swelling period.

If you’re going to go with a metal, we usually recommend titanium, or high-end 14k gold jewelry if you can swing it. Both are very pure metals, and are much less likely to cause irritations in this sensitive area.

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