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By FT Admin 04/25/2013

Tupac Shakur was an icon of the 1990’s, and is still setting trends and inspiring the youth of today’s generation. During the 90’s, when the music scene across every genre was pretty much a way of life for Generation X, kids and young adults were wildly influenced by those behind the music. One of the biggest stars out of the hip hop world, Tupac was a bold symbol of alternative body art. While it was becoming trendy for women to wear belly rings, 2Pac was one of the very first men in the spotlight to wear a nose ring, and it also didn’t hurt being covered in a host of tattoos wrought with meaning. Piercings were just becoming mainstream then, and for a man to be wearing a facial piercing was pretty daring

He was definitely the predecessor to rocker Lenny Kravitz and today’s Chris Brown and Lil’ Wayne, who are both enormously popular among the youth, and happen to sport nose rings. Lil’ Wayne, takes it even further with his snakebites, which are perfectly chic and definitely a testament of today’s body jewelry trends. When it comes to men in the spotlight wearing body jewelry, it just wasn’t done before Tupac! It may be commonplace for men, just like women in Hollywood now, but we have to give cred where it’s due!

FT Admin

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