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What is a tragus piercing?

The tragus piercing, one of the ear’s most interesting spots to pierce; the piece of cartilage that juts out just beyond the ear canal. Known by no other names, in recent years, the popularity of this cartilage piercing has soared due to its interesting, eye-catching placement and alluring, unique beauty.

What are the risks?

The greatest risk of a tragus piercing is the infection, as this area is prone to contact with bacteria. For those who opt to have this piercing done, knowing the risk of infection ahead of time gives one time to prepare for it. Another issue to consider is migration, which can happen in a variety of different piercings.

What considerations with anatomy should be taken?

Some people’s tragus is too small to pierce. If your anatomy cannot accommodate the piercing, it can migrate out. Due to the peculiar placement, extending slightly beyond the ear, this piercing can get caught on hair, or other objects that brush by. One benefit is that the tragus holds relatively few nerve endings, rendering it not very painful to have done.

What kind of jewelry is used?

Tragus piercings are usually worn with captive bead rings, straight barbells or curved barbells – some people also like flat-back labrets. 14G or 16G are the typical gauges, with 5/16” being the standard length. Nickel free, implant grade 316L surgical steel or titanium body jewelry is the industry standard.

What is the process?

A tragus piercing should never be attempted at home or done by anyone who is not a professional piercer. The process for piercing a tragus begins with the whole area being cleaned thoroughly to safeguard against bacteria and infections. Because the area of piercing is very hard and requires more pressure to be applied than other piercings, the piercer will use a device, usually a piece of cork, to apply pressure to the inside of the ear canal to prevent damage. Using a straight or curved hollow needle, the tragus will then be pierced with a good deal of pressure. Expect some bleeding; it’s totally typical of any area becoming pierced, and will stop within a few minutes. Then, the selected body jewelry will be place into the piercing.

What aftercare is involved?

Aftercare is essential in order to speed up healing and prevent infection. While it is not difficult, it is necessary to do it twice a day for the first month. To apply proper aftercare, a cotton ball soaked in cleaning solution is needed. This will be used to administer the solution onto the piercing, done in a way that allows the solution to come into direct contact with the piercing.

Things to avoid:

Constantly touching the area

Sleeping on dirty pillowcases

Wearing earphones/ earbuds

Changing jewelry before piercing is healed

Swimming in pools, lakes, hot tubs, or the ocean before healing has occurred.

Your piercing is healed. Now what?

The tragus is one of the most fun piercings because it is versatile, bold, and allows one to wear an incredible array of different styles within it. Just about any type of flat back barbell, stud, captive bead ring, or circulars can be worn in a tragus ring. The list of materials is the standard: 14K gold, .925 sterling silver, 316L surgical steel, anodized titanium, and bioplast body jewelry pieces are the most common and most desirable for the tragus. Depending on the taste and style of the wearer, there are infinite possibilities for different looks. Tragus body jewelry such as gemstone studs, dangling jewel barbells, crystals, flowers, pearls, skulls, and spikes are among the most popular styles.

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Kim, 08 Oct 2017

I had my tragus pierced almost a month ago I love it but the aftercare was a nightmare in the beginning.

Alicia, 21 Jun 2018

My Tragus fell out how long before it closes up

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