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If you’re new to stretching ear piercings or if you are just having some trouble inserting new jewelry, these guidelines will help you safely change your jewelry.

1. Make sure you are using the correct size. Don’t try to insert a 6G if you are currently wearing a 10G. The best thing to do is gradually increase the size.

2. Try inserting the plugs after a nice, hot shower. Gently massage them to loosen up the skin to make them more supple and stretchable.

3. Use lube. Be sure to use something water-based or natural, like emu, vitamin E oil, or olive oil. Whatever you do, do not use petroleum jelly (Vaseline).

4. Use a taper plug slightly smaller than your current gauge. Apply some lube to the taper and gently insert it into the piercing. Follow through with the jewelry. This works best with single-flared plugs.

5. If you’re inserting double-flared plugs, use some lube and try to insert the plug with the edge first, at an angle. Some people refer to it as the “button” method, as it’s similar to threading a button into a button-hole.

6. Whatever you do, do not force the jewelry in. While healthy skin in naturally elastic and will stretch, tearing it will cause scar tissue.

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