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By Meghan O'Neal 12/30/2019

As your 20s end, it’s natural to begin to analyze which aspects of your life will still be age-appropriate in your 30s and beyond.

Age is a social construct, which means that what you’re “too old” for is largely dictated by society. Turning 30 has become a massive milestone because it’s the arbitrary moment when you’re supposed to have life figured out, and you’ve officially entered full adulthood.

In reality, it is nothing more than another birthday. We all grow and change at our own rates, and who cares what society thinks about what it means to be 30?

That being said, you might feel your own individual pressure to enter into a new phase of life when you turn 30. The heralding of a new decade offers an excellent moment to evaluate who you are and who you want to be in the next 10 years.

As you analyze yourself and your choices, you might begin to consider how you dress. Is it time to opt for heels over sneakers? Do your jeans really need to have designer rips in them? Should you take out the septum piercing that you’ve adored for years?

Of course, these decisions are up to you, but as an (admittedly biased) body jewelry retailer, we say that if you still love your body piercings, then you should enjoy them no matter your age! However, if you’re feeling a little self-conscious, there are ways that you can rock your alternative style while still feeling as though you’ve successfully entered a new phase in your life and have grown a little beyond your youthful rebellion.

Choose classic jewelry styles to wear in your alternative piercing

While fashion trends have come and gone, many jewelry styles have been around for hundreds of years. It comes down to the fact that quality materials will always look beautiful, whether it’s 14k gold and platinum, diamonds and gemstones, or pearls.

If you want to update your style, switch out your neon, bioplastic eyebrow ring with a gorgeous 14k gold curved barbell. If you prefer bolder styles, you can still enjoy a splash of color in your eyebrow piercing while decorating it with a stunning piece of jewelry. Instead of choosing neon plastic, opt for bold gemstone colors instead. This will bring your look from that of a teenage rebel to a sophisticated adult.

Diamonds are forever

This line may be cliche, but it has many meanings. Not only do diamonds stand the test of time physically, but they will also forever remain a symbol of class and elegance. In body jewelry, they serve to elevate your piercing from cute to stunning.

Whether you’re the type who enjoys dainty jewelry with a slight sparkle or you prefer eye-catching styles that gain attention when you walk into a room, you can find the diamond that will achieve your goal. 

The great thing about body piercings entering mainstream acceptance is that it’s paved the way for a prevalence of diamond body jewelry, so you have your choice, no matter your style. You can even choose black diamonds for those of you who aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to your edgier subculture style.

Opt for nostril piercings and multiple cartilage piercings

We believe that piercings are the ultimate individual expression, so we never put an age limit to what piercings you can wear. However, if you’ve never been pierced before, you might feel a little hesitation when you go to get pierced in your 30s.

The good news is that it’s become quite common for nostril piercings and multiple cartilage piercings to be worn by men and women of all ages. For whatever reason, society has deemed these piercing types more acceptable than others, which means that you can still get your new piercing without feeling like you’re holding onto your youth too hard. 

If you’ve passed your 20s, and you want a piercing, but you fear that you’re “too old” to get one, start with the nostril or the cartilage. And, who knows? You might love it so much that you decide to get more amazing piercings. 

Choose piercings that are more hidden

Sometimes, our hesitation to get piercings when we’re older doesn’t have to do with what we think people might say but rather the fact that we’re in careers that might look down upon piercings.

While body piercings are becoming more and more accepted, certain industries still tend to frown upon them. So, what do you do when you want a piercing but your job won’t allow it? Get a piercing that you can hide.

A turtleneck can easily hide your surface piercings.

The prevalence of surface piercings has allowed piercing aficionados to get pierced almost anywhere. This means that you can get a piercing that you can easily hide beneath your clothes. Opt for a chest or clavicle piercing that you can show off when you’re not at work and easily hide behind shirts with a higher collar. If you often wear your hair down, you can also choose a nape piercing. Or, if you’re comfortable with wearing sleeves at work, get an arm piercing.

When you’re in your 20s, you have more space to choose jobs that might be more accepting of your alternative fashion choices. In your 30s, you don’t always have that luxury. Don’t let your boss drag you down. Get a piercing that you love that your employer will never know about.

In conclusion: age is just a number, and you should feel free to rock whatever style you want

We understand the need to make personal adjustments as you get older. We all change as we grow up, and part of acknowledging that change is updating our wardrobes and styles to reflect the new people that we’ve become.

On the flip side, society puts a lot of pressure on 30-year-olds to start their families, hide their tattoos, put away their body jewelry, and say goodbye to their youth. We say that you should hold true to yourself, no matter who that is.

Don’t let your age stop you from getting a body piercing that you want. If you’re concerned, there are a number of ways to help your body piercing reflect the adult you’ve become rather than the rebellious youth who you were. After all, age is just a number. What’s important is that you remain your best self.

Meghan O'Neal

15 Replies to “Aging Gracefully…and Pierced”

Cee Cee, 08 Jan 2020

Great article but why limit it to your 30’s? I got my first cartilage piercing in my 30’s and that was 30 plus years ago. Got my nostril pierced last year, and added a conch, tragus and rook, plus a couple more cartilage and I love my gold and diamond jewelry. And if I feel I need to be conservative (which is rarely) I can always hide them all except my nostril with my hair. Granted I still look 40 with the luck of good genetics (and a little help) but no one looks at me askance. So, no age limit!!

Kimberly, 08 Jan 2020

What about someone in the 40s, 50s, or older? I’m surprised you used 30-somethings as your example (30 is “old”
to 20-somethings or younger). I’m 43, and I love my septum piercing, it’s one of my favorites. Yes, age is just a number, but your example is a might young. Imo.

Jeanne Vaughan, 08 Jan 2020

What about piercings in your 50’s. I got several more last year at 55. As you said – be yourself and age is just a number.

Jessica Karam, 16 Jan 2020

Be true to you. I’m 37 and still getting tattooed 🙂
Feeling good in your skin has no age limit.

Diane Smith, 09 Jan 2020

I had to chuckle at the article’s assumption that 30 is the implied societal limit for wearing bold piercings (as well as hair, clothes, makeup, etc.). I’ll be 63 in a couple of weeks and still proudly rock my 36 earrings, nostril, septum, monroe and nipple piercings. I didn’t even acquire most of these until I was in my 40s. And I have plans to add a few more soon! People definitely notice them but, mostly, they have been an advantage in many social situations. They’re a conversation starter and help me stand out and be remembered even though I am by nature a shy and quiet person who has always tended to fade into the background. I admit I didn’t always wear the full complement of jewelry at work, but I’ve recently retired and there are no limits now! I am a caring person and very good at what I do, and after people get to know me, that is a lot more important than a few pretty bits of metal – not that I don’t love the look!

Be yourself, be bold, and be good – regardless of your age.

– Diane

Jessica Karam, 16 Jan 2020

Yes! I love your words. Always be true to you.

Kim, 28 Jul 2021

This!^^. I got my nostril piercing at 61. I always wanted one but hesitated. One day I just went ahead and did it and I don’t regret it one bit! I probably will always have this piercing. Next is a Tagus piercing. Another piercing I’ve always wanted.

Keniki, 03 Mar 2020

I agree totally. At 65 yup I said it 65 I have lots and I mean lots of tattoos. People ask if I am done and my reply is I still have space! I just did a professional photo shoot ( upper body) nude to show off my ink. Age is just a number and getting older allows me to do what I want to my body. I also have bot nostrils and septum pierced. I say embrace it all. And to those who can’t appreciate it, OH WELL.

Kim Reis, 20 Oct 2020

I got my rook, daith and nostril piercings this year celebrating turning 62.

Jessica Karam, 09 Nov 2020

We LOVE this!

Jim, 18 Jan 2021

I’m 52 & have double piercings in both ear lobes, double helix in one ear, & both nostrils pierced. I’m getting double tragus real soon. My piercing journey started at the age of 15. I have no idea when It’ll end. Do what you like! D.Y.T.B.D. Dare You To Be Different.

Caz, 24 Apr 2021

Had a few piercings in my teens, but just grew out of the look by my mid twenties,, it’s great that people are still rocking them in their 50s and 60s wow!

Giselle, 13 Mar 2022

Im a mom of four young kids, and I’m going to be 50 (!!!) next year, and I’m just getting into the piercings. My rook or daith (or both!) are next if I have the anatomy for them.

Jessica Karam, 15 Mar 2022

It’s never too late to be you!

Michael, 29 Jun 2022

So, I got my left ear lobe pierced, when I was 18 back in 1984. In the following year I added two more ear piercings. In 1995 I added another two lobe piercings. That made 5 piercings in my ear. But I did not wear studs because I wanted to appear more seriously. Two years ago I met a men with nostil piercing in subway station. We talked about his piercing and I told him that I wanted to get my nose pierced too, but I felt that I was too old to do this. He asked me: How old do you think I am? I answerd: Maybe 30… No, he had already turned 40. And then he said: If you really want to get a piercing, just go for it. Your are not too old. Last year I added another two piecings in my ear (That makes 7 holes now.) and I had my nostril pierced. I am 56 right now. I like my piercings very much and I get positive comments from women too. So, your are not too old to get a piercing.

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