There are plenty of great reasons to get a tattoo, however, there are just as many, if not more, reasons not to and here is a list of them. Tats are a serious commitment, and getting them removed is not exactly a stroll in the park.

Don’t get a tattoo if:

  • Your girlfriend/boyfriend (who you just met) is the coolest person ever, so much so you just need their face/ name inked on your body. Give it some time, let the honeymoon pass, and if a year or two goes by, and they are still that awesome, ink away!
  • You want to make someone happy. Tattoos are about making yourself happy; it’s your ink! Don’t get a tattoo because someone else thinks it’s a good idea.
  • You’re trying to prove something. Peer pressure can really have an effect on your decisions. Just because your friends have them, doesn’t mean that tattoos are right for you.
  • You are not 110% sure about it. Think long and hard about whether this is what you really want since it’s a lifetime commitment.
  • You were drunk at the time. Even worse if it’s a tattoo of a bottle of Jack Daniel’s bottle or Southern Comfort. A good tattoo artist will not ink you when you’re under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
  • You dig the design but don’t know/ don’t care about the meaning. The best tattoos are loaded with meaning, and if there is none behind it, what’s the point?
  • You aren’t legally old enough. Even if your parents approve, being under 18 is a good indicator that you will change your mind at least a dozen times about nearly everything. Just wait it out!
  • There are some loose ends not totally tied. For instance, if you are not set on a tattoo artist, the design, the price, anything to do with the tattoo, wait. It’s better to be patient than to get something you’ll later not be satisfied with.
  • Hope that “tattoo removal” stands as a legit back-up plan. Because it’s not. Even if you remove a tattoo, a scar could very well be left behind.
  • You work in a professional environment that doesn’t allow visible tattoos. Sure, you can always get the tattoo in a hidden spot but you may want to rethink that face tat.

Remember, tattoos are forever so don’t rush into your decision to get one. In the meantime, get a body piercing! It’s a much smaller commitment, and you can change up your look with different jewelry as often as you would like. Whether it’s a belly ring, lip ring, or tongue piercing, you can express yourself without a permanent change.

Do you regret any of your tattoos? Tell us in the comments!

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