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Michelle is a California-based photographer and the creative mind behind girrlscout.com, a blog where she muses about life, talks about fashion & beauty, and posts amazing DIY tutorials. She’s here to answer a few questions about her lovely piercings.

When did you discover your love for body modification?
Probably junior high. I’ve always strived to be the ‘different’ one – the one that didn’t follow the crowd and do what people wish they had the balls to do. I grew up going to a Christian private school for 9 years so I lived in that bubble for way too long and the second I got out, I became the person I wanted to be. I’m sure most kids felt the same way.

When did you get your first piercing? What was it? What’s the story behind it?
I had my ears pierced like most girls when I was around 7 years old. My sister is 6 years older than me and was too scared to go, so she made me go first and ever since then I fell in love. My mom took me to get my next big piercing, an industrial, on my 15th birthday.

How many piercings do you have?
Currently, 3. Just my ears and my nose ring. I’ve also had a monroe piercing and industrial in my ear.

What do you like about getting pierced?
Same thing I love about getting tattoos – a change, an outlet for self-expression, and the ability to wear awesome accessories.

What is your most recent piercing?
The last piercing I got was my nose but I’ve been stretching my earlobes since then.

What is your favorite piercing?
My nose ring, for sure. I’ve had others and they never fit as well as my nose did. It suits me. Whenever I change it out or take it out for some reason I just feel like I look so weird without it. It completes me.

Can you tell us about your ear stretching process?
I was a total dumb ass about it when I started. I was 17 years old and following the footsteps of my hardcore/metal boyfriend at the time and I’m surprised I didn’t blow them out. I think I went from a 16G to a 4G in less than a week. NOT GOOD. So my stretching process was intense. I made it to 00G but took them out a few years later. I just recently stretched them back out to 0G in the last year because I missed them. Also, having stretched ears with no jewelry just doesn’t look right.

What size plugs do you have? Are you planning to go larger?
Right now I’m a 0G and I don’t really have plans to go any bigger. I have extremely small ears so I think the size I’m at right now balances them out. I’m cool right now but who knows in the future?

Which piercing hurt the most?
My industrial for sure. The piercer was a moron and it took him at least 4 tries to get it at the right angle and my ear filled up with blood. Yet, that being my first piercing (besides my ear lobes), I’m surprised I kept going. I never went back to that shop again.

Any advice for people who may want to get piercings?
Trial and error, I think. You find out that way which ones compliment your face and which ones don’t. I had my Monroe pierced when I was 17 and kept it in for a solid 6 months and took it out. It didn’t suit me as well as I thought it did, but I’m glad I tried. I’m an impulse-driven person. You can’t really do that with tattoos, though.

Do you have a favorite piercing story?
I mean, getting my nose pierced was the beginning of me becoming myself. There wasn’t really a crazy story involved, though.

If you could have dinner with three people, dead or alive, who would it be?
I only have one – I would love to spend time with my boyfriend’s deceased mother. I’d give anything to sit down with her and tell her how proud she should be of her son and the man he’s become. Ugh, I get teary eyed even thinking about it.

If you could time travel, where would you go and why?
The 1920’s for sure. Mostly so I could play with all of the film cameras and take photos of everything. What a time to be alive!

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Just being stoked about life. It could be something I have happening that upcoming weekend, something I have arriving in the mail that day, or even an outfit that I just purchased and I’m excited to wear. Simple things like that get me jazzed about life. I’m the easiest to please. But also iced coffee. 😉

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
To fly, because why not? Either that or heal wounds. Could I fly to people and heal them?

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