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By Laurrel Allison 10/04/2017

Piercings heal at different rates. It depends on how sensitive each person’s skin is, whether the area was re-pierced, and the location of the piercing. When I got my septum, it healed surprisingly fast. I got it done at the same time as my tragus. But long after my septum healed up, my tragus was still giving me a lot of trouble. I had to go back to my piercer to pick up some saline solution to apply to it. For the duration of my tragus healing, I skipped wearing small earphones. Rather, I opted out for massive headphones which cupped my whole ear and didn’t touch my tragus. I also kept my hair away from the pierced area. That part was easy since my hair was cropped in a Halle Berry-style pixie. 

Typically, earlobe and septum piercings only take 6-8 weeks to heal. Tragus and navel piercings usually take at least a few months to begin to feel normal. I was always very careful with those piercings. I would be sure to wash my belly button ring with antibacterial soap to remove any build up. I never slept on my right side when I got my tragus done for fear of snagging or smothering it. But aside from these sort of habits, there are a few professional products and tips available which are crucial for proper healing. 

H2Ocean is a brand which many professional piercers, such as Faith Niz, swear by. H2Ocean is specially engineered to combat infection. It’s made of the purest, most organic ingredients. That way, you don’t have to worry about any strange chemicals going into your body. We have plenty of H2Ocean products to suit your piercing needs! H2Ocean is known for working especially well on sensitive skin for the aforementioned reasons. There aren’t any toxic or unnatural ingredients. The active ingredient is Lysozyme. It’s an enzyme capable of killing 650 different types of virus, diseases, and bacteria. When topically applied, Lysozyme Chloride kicks into its natural function: getting rid of foreign bacteria. For those of you who are vegan, vegetarian, or against animal cruelty, H2Ocean is perfect. It’s completely vegan and cruelty-free.

The best time to apply H2Ocean would be as soon as possible. A few hours after you get your piercing, you can either apply a small amount directly to the piercing or by way of a cotton swab. You’ll also need to be careful of hair, clothing, and anything else which may come in contact with the piercing. Headphones, hairspray, and perfume could especially be irritating for new piercings. Regardless of where you got pierced, the first few weeks are crucial. After that period, you’ll still need to be careful of the area. But the piercings won’t be as delicate.


After 6-8 weeks, your piercings won’t be so easily infected. The open wounds have now begun to properly heal. With brand new piercings, it’s good to either wash them or keep them cleansed two or three times a day. After 6-8 weeks, cleanings don’t have to be as rigorously scheduled. But you’ll especially need to be careful after swimming or exercising. Clean your piercing to ensure that chlorinated water, dirt particles, or sweat don’t enter in. It’s good to remember that fresh piercings are still open wounds. Keep that in mind while you carefully help them combat infection.

Although cleaning is superb for your piercing, too much cleaning has the opposite effect. Over-cleaning can cause irritation to your piercing. Keep track of how many times you are cleaning and be sure not to overdo it. 


“I always warn my clients never to touch their fresh piercings,” Shana Riley informed me. Shana has her own piercing studio located in Western Australia. “Your fingers have so many germs on them. You don’t want any of them getting into your fresh piercing while it’s trying to heal. After a hot shower is always a good time to clean the piercings as all the plasma and ‘gunky’ bits have softened up and are easier to move away from the site.”

Shana also weighed in about stretched ears. It’s important to keep newly-stretched ears clean and safe as well, although the aftercare varies slightly from regular piercings. “Using water-based lubricants over things like soap to stretch up is always a must! You don’t want to use anything that will pull your skin as you stretch your ears. Regularly cleaning your jewelry and lobes is also crucial. Any tearing in the skin can result in infection if you don’t regularly clean the area. If you’re finding your lobes are starting to blow out or thin out, downsize for a few weeks and slowly stretch them back. This does wonders for the health of your stretched piercings.”

One last thing to mention is the importance of leaving your piercing alone when you aren’t cleaning it. Don’t turn it. Don’t take it out. Just leave it alone. If you end up twisting your new piercing, it aggravates any tissues which have already healed. Twisting and turning will disrupt the healing process and it will have to start anew. In order to have a healthy piercing, let your body do its work. No need for extra help (aside from gentle cleaning sessions)!

Laurrel Allison

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