Body jewelry makes a great stocking stuffer – better shop now folks, we’re in the final days to make it by Christmas!!!

Traditionally stocking stuffers are small, secondary gifts to the “main course” under the Christmas tree. Getting something small sounds easy enough, right?

Well, in all honesty, most people find stocking stuffer gifts to be a bit challenging, especially if you’re on a budget. With the Christmas rush and piling up gifts, wrapping paper, getting all the decorations and cooking done on time, things can get hectic pretty fast, and it’s easy to get side-tracked and forget about these sweet little gifts leading up to the big day.

Today I’m going to share with you some great options for your stocking stuffers that will have that special someone going gaga for their cool new gifts – for the pierced and tattooed in your life, these gifts are affordable, unique, and something they’ll actually want.

So, let’s talk body jewelry!

Body jewelry can definitely be an option for stocking stuffers – who doesn’t love a little extra bling in their collection? If it’s for a piercing or tattoo newbie, they will most definitely appreciate stocking up on new options to change out once their piercing is healed, or to help their tattoo heal up nicely. What’s even better, we have tons of budget friendly options!

Surgical Steel – Cheap, and Great for Fresh Piercings

If you have someone on your Christmas list that just recently got a piercing done, they may not be ready to change out their jewelry for a while, but surgical steel is a nice metal to choose when they are ready. This versatile metal is available in a variety of styles, for just about every piercing out there, and this option is always low-cost.

All of these items are less than $10 – click here to shop surgical steel body jewelry under $10.

Seahorse Belly Button Ring

Mystical Seahorse Head & Tail Surgical Steel Belly Ring – 14G

Sun nipple ring

Sun Surgical Steel Shield Nipple Ring

Fake rose gold septum ring

Rose Gold Plated Clear CZ Tribal Fan Fake Clip-On Septum Hanger

Heart CZ tunnels

CZ Paved Heart Inlay Surgical Steel Screw-On Tunnel Plug 0G – 15/16″


Bioplast is simply one of the best types of materials for the piercing healing process, and it’s a lot cheaper than getting a titanium piece that would be most recommended by piercers. If you’re only looking for stocking stuffers, Bioplast is a good option, and, we can’t forget it’s also a very useful gift due to its transparency – that’ll make it office-friendly. It may be affordable, but it’s also a super versatile type of body jewelry.

Click here to shop our massive Bioplast body jewelry selection!

Clear nose ring

Tiny Ball Bioplast Nose Ring Bone Retainer – 20G – Hide Nose Ring Bone

Sterling silver bioplast dangle upper belly ring

Double Cubic Zirconia – 925 Sterling Silver & Bioplast Upper Dangle Belly Ring

Bioplast surface piercing comfortable barbell

Bioplast UV Glitter Straight Barbells

Silver dragonfly cuff earring bioplast

Dragonfly .925 Sterling Silver Tragus Cuff Earring

Sterling Silver Body Jewelry Stocking Stuffers

Sterling silver is gorgeous, without breaking the bank. A lot of times you have to worry about quality with silver jewelry, but FreshTrends sources all of their sterling silver jewelry from the most reputable manufacturers.

This jewelry comes in more than just body jewelry too – we have a wide selection of sterling silver jewelry rings, earrings, necklaces, toe rings – you name it. Here’s a teaser for you (all of these options are under $20):

Sterling silver heart necklace

Double Heart Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

Sterling silver CZ toe ring

Cubic Zirconia Bow Tie 925 Sterling Silver Toe Ring

Sterling silver rose earrings

Cubic Zirconia Rose Flower Sterling Sliver Stud Earrings

threader sterling silver chandelier earrings

925 Sterling Silver AQUA CHANDELIER ELEGANCE Threader Earrings

Click here to shop our full selection of sterling silver jewelry under $20.

Mystery Body Jewelry Grab Bags

belly ring grab bag

Sometimes the best option is a surprise! Getting the Mystery Grab Bag can also be very cool – you never know what you’re going to get, and it kind of brings back that holiday fun into stocking stuffers! These come in a variety of types of piercings, from tragus and labrets, to belly rings and earrings.

Don’t miss out on our Under $5 section either!

Stocking Stuffers for People with Tattoos

If you have someone on your Christmas list that just had fresh ink done, then chances are they could always use more aftercare products. We have a nice selection of the simplest, best products to keep those tattoos healing up nicely, and any freshly tattooed recipient is going to be more than grateful to pull one of these out of their stocking this year:

Tattoo soap H2Ocean

1.7oz H2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap Tattoo & Piercing Aftercare

Tattoo goo healing ointment

The Original Tattoo Goo healing balm- .33oz/ 9.3g

Tattoo aftercare sunscreen

SPF 45 Tattoo Aftercare H2Ocean Sea Life Sunscreen – 1OZ

Deals and Steals

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Save on shipping right now as well, with free shipping worldwide on any order over $19.99. 

Happy shopping and don’t forget, the clock is ticking – only 6 days left for shipping in time for Christmas!

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