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By Laurrel Allison 02/22/2018

For the past several years, constellation piercings have been given a starring role when it comes to bringing piercings together. Whether you have piercings that have been in your ears for years or you want to change it up, constellation piercings are ideal for anyone. 

What are constellation piercings?

Just like the stars in the sky, constellations couldn’t exist with only one. It’s not just a tragus here or a daith there. Constellation piercings are a collection of curated and stacked piercings in an ear to give the effect of a star constellation. Perhaps it’s three piercings in one earlobe arranged in a certain design. Or maybe it’s a balanced form of art that draws together both cartilage and earlobe piercings. Constellation piercings vary based on each ear. Piercing professionals check out your ear and figure out what constellation style would work best on you. On the off chance that you only have one piercing and intend to keep it that way, this is not something for you. For everyone else who is down to explore and experiment with different ear piercings, you may definitely want to try this. 


Who does constellation piercings?

Because it’s not just one specific piercing, you’d have to seek out a piercing artist who specifically caters to this style. One of my personal faves is Adrian Castillo of J. Colby Smith Studio in New York City. There’s an excellent video of him curating two different ladies’ ears. Whenever I get back to the States, I definitely want to hit him up! There’s also a really good studio in Los Angeles called Body Electric Tattoo. Research cities close to you to get a feel on whether there are constellation curators in your area!


Why would I want to get my ear curated?

First of all, why wouldn’t you? It’s a perfect opportunity to map out your ear and make it maximally fashionable. Second of all, constellations are awesome in the way that they bring all your piercings together. Rather than just a scattered group of piercings, constellations create a bigger picture. There’s no longer attention drawn to your single rook or helix. Constellation curation is a more elegant approach to being pierced. 


What’s the alternative to finding a professional?

Maybe you don’t have a nearby piercing artist who does this sort of thing. Or perhaps you are fine with your piercings how they are and don’t want anything else added to the pile. Rather than getting your ear stylized by a professional, try looking online in order to add some sparkle to your existing piercings. Freshen up your piercings by treating yourself to some gorgeous jewelry. Because we all deserve to have kick-ass art in our ears.

Laurrel Allison

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