Given its extensive popularity as one of the most versatile, natural resources on the planet, it comes as no surprise that glass in the form of plugs has become so well-known within the handmade body jewelry realm.

Versatility is key here, especially since glass is no stranger to a vast array of plug possibilities. Be it style such as single/double flares, spirals, tunnels, and hangers, we’ve come to love wearing these impressive pieces almost as much as our clientele. All gauges, large and small are represented, color and visual combinations are limitless, and when it comes to the authenticity, many are one-of-a-kind works of art. All of these fabulous glass plugs are as incredibly well-made as they are amazingly unique. They are the pearl necklace of body jewelry – classic, yet packs a punch.

Yet such progression, when it comes to how you wear your plugs doesn’t stop there.

Even the trend-setting trailblazers at the forefront of this design movement recognize that such evolution has a tendency to follow in the footsteps of the fashionable past. Translation: History repeats itself – no matter the style or its direction in question. And that’s a good thing, because glass plugs make quite the statement, be it bold or understated!

Our selection of high-quality glass plugs are hand-blown, eco-friendly, priced well below more traditional, high-end lobe occupants and are as comfortable as it gets, no matter how long you wear them. Best of all, they’re the perfect “plug-in” for any and all occasions!

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